Feb 28, 2005

When buddy rubaiyath forwarded the idea for going to ampfusion, i rang up all the names and faces that were to appear there and said NO! but then he revealed to me that he heard that LRB and Black will be singing each other's songs! wow! that got me to change my mind in a jiffy, and soon enough i packed up and got ready for it.

Well, firstly, there was a past winner of B & H's Star Search talent hunts. She was ok, not my type of music.

Second in line was Habib, whose studio work didn't do anything for me. But his live performance that night was really something else... he did much more with the songs, he did much more for the songs. He should really think of including these elements in his studio recordings. Otherwise it makes really mediocre music, and that is not acceptable for someone with a study on music from the west. Apart from his good performance he also brought someone else on stage who was really good!!! A singer whose voice was sooooo goooooood that we all forgave him for his ridiculous head gear.

Then there was Kaniz Suborna, who was famous for what.. i did not understand. Anyway she came on with her happy schoolgirl romance music. The first one had a raggae vibe, which made it enjoyable even though I didn't get much of the lyrics. The crowd seemed to be divided into fans and 'not a fan's. Anyway, at the end of the second or third song the crowd, the same one that was dancing with all the joy in the world suddenly started shouting "bhua.. bhua.." (which seems to be a caual mantra these days at any concert and seems to not mean the original, which translates to "sucks"!!!). This sudden outburst really hurt the performer's feelings and she could be seen wiping tears off! she went on with her set still, putting a smile on her face! hmmm... quite the professional. Even Ayub Bacchu joined her onstage for one song.

Then there was Shahjahan Munshi. He was a blind man, wearing black shades, with the aura of a ray charles of the baul world. he tuned his do-tara (two-strings), bogie (from Renaissance) tuned his bass. Amidst the tuning they suddenly started their set! They even had a trumpet player named Gary. I felt sorry for Gary, they brought him on stage, but the band didn't leave any space for him to play along or for a little solo! how cruel! One could see Gary's awkwardness of the moment on stage! But Mr. Munshi... he was impressive nonetheless. the bass seemes off at times... but still the crowds here are suckers for traditional baul songs. The set included "Shohoj Manush", "Jaat Gelo", "Deho Ghori". He sang one of his too, and that was a hit too with the chorus' lines striking everyone's hearts... "ei ki premer protidan?" :)

After this was Black's turn. And yes, Bacchu came on with them. But what pursued was noisy and incomprehensible. They played together on the song "Rhode and Blues", and it was just badly mixed... the rampant guitar solos were not decipherable and the bass was too much.. it was not good. The other songs Black played by themselves, and really, it was like watching them for the first time. Black is a really talented and innovative band, and they have the creativity to keep their live shows attractive, but only if they stop signing up for 2 3 shows in a day!!! They should take their time and concentrate on quality.

After their set was over... Tahsan stayed on. This was to be the transition from Black to LRB. He started his rendition of LRB's Cholo Bodley Jai, with a grand piano sound... that sounded really gooood. Bacchu joined in later and put in a solo with a tone heavy on delay... nice. then slowly the whole band came on and after the song Tahsan left. LRB stayed on to play theirs. It went well... usual LRB stuff.

What can i say! i am tired of typing at the moment.

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I have noticed in the past that horoscope pages on different magazines, papers list me as either a capricorn or an aquarius! These two signs are very different in characteristics.

And today i found a test (from a fellow blogger's site) which tests how much of your star you are.. so here they are :) :

You are 80% Capricorn

You are 67% Aquarius

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Feb 24, 2005

Meet Cleo, an (out)standing puppy! Posted by Hello

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Feb 22, 2005

"huh?" .. is probably anyone's response to this post's title.

Two accounts later, and having been allocated 50 invites the
invitation from Gmail ...the response to my original sign-up; has
arrived!!!! Gmail anyone?

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The Summer Institute for Linguistics (SIL) Ethnologue Survey (1999) lists the following as the top languages by population:
(number of native speakers in parentheses)

1. Chinese* (937,132,000)
2. Spanish (332,000,000)
3. English (322,000,000)
4. Bengali (189,000,000)
5. Hindi/Urdu (182,000,000)
6. Arabic* (174,950,000)
7. Portuguese (170,000,000)
8. Russian (170,000,000)
9. Japanese (125,000,000)
10. German (98,000,000)
11. French* (79,572,000)


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Feb 14, 2005

Whoa! This CD is filled with versatility and intricacies we are used to getting only from the world outside our land. Its a very nice collection of songs... except for a lil rap by a lil T, i like most of it (then again i am not much of a rap person). I wish the producers and the distributors will seriously think of publicizing this album. It will be their loss otherwise, this is the kind of an album that can create or redefine the 'storms' that take place in a record store. I am talking Videos, sending copies to international markets, especially Britain where there is a large following of electronic and especially asian electronic music.

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Feb 13, 2005



The Watson Brothers


Some acts outside BD:
Ka Mana: The band where ex-Warfaze guitar maestro Russel plays now.

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Its a beautiful day. kinda like the day i'd like to spend being outside, with friends, having fun, the chat of our lives... But as i walked into my office i thot.. there, this is the last i'll see of it! soooo saaaad! :)

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Feb 10, 2005

The internet is a fascinating place. You can bump into wonderful, knowledgeable and fun places here every second. The search engines are the catalysts in these aspects... just type anything and search... you'll go places!

I bumped into a two good sites today. Both of pakistani origin...

First is - A site about and not about music.

And the second is Pak Positive

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Feb 9, 2005

"Fuel Burning fast on an empty tank"
- Going the Distance [Cake]

Damn! My lunch is late! owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Feb 5, 2005

Since i had to go to the bank today... with new cash in our hands (me and my homie fuad) tht we'd try out the new A&W shop in Gulshan. Again, the pictures of juicy burgers graced us and raised our hopes, plus there was root beer... aha.. pretty cool. The prices at first sight are pretty high.. and after we selected we were slammed with the sad fact that the high price on the menu was excluding the VAT! well... still no hard grudges... but when the food finally arrived! pffff... the burger was so small! the fries were good, the burger was fine... but the size just put me off... especially the thinness of the patties! like salami! in the end it was the jar of root beer that filled our tummies.

Also the people working there were taught to speak in english, explain the menus and make suggestions.. and all in english.. but they were not taught to be moderate... hearing "Thank you sir" when asking for a tissue/napkin is not really appropriate! i just heard too many thank you's in one day there!!!!

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