Jan 31, 2005

The OVer: 6 4 2 4 4 4
The VicTim!: Chigumbura.
The Bulliez: AFtab and RafiQue


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Jan 27, 2005

Am listening to the music of Triloy, their debut album released on the 20th of January. I was at the place where the release had been mildly celebrated, by friends, family, those few reporters who like to keep their fingers on the pulse of the 'underground' music scene, and those who were passing by and music enthusiasts (where i come in). When i got there, there were people, the posters were hung up at places, but there were no copies of Triloy's Shunno! It arrived later and after i heard their first track, i just had to go and buy their album.. plus they were giving out their fairly impressive posters. ;) When the g-series guys started playing their cd, a few members of the band were in tears, hearing their own voice from their first released cd, and were giving each other hugs to celebrate their friendship/achievement... this is another thing that influenced me to buy the cd. Now that i finally got around to giving the cd a full spin... i really feel that this album was a labor of love. And it's fair to say that i am in love with track#2 of the album.

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Jan 25, 2005

This eid was ok. Mostly the usual stuff, the 'kurbani', then the cutting, sorting and distribution of the meat. But also side by side, we prepared for a barbeque! ...but Deshi style... we were not preparing for steak but kebab instead. So we cut the meat in sizes and slices suitable for the shieks (the long sticks onto which the meat is put). Then we put them in two bowls. Two destined for two kinds of marination. One was an odd mixture of Sheik Kebab and Chicken Tikka spice! and the other with BBQ sauce, chilli sauce and a little of the Chicken Tikka spice. All in all the taste afterwards was awesome... all that was laid out was quickly gobbled down. It was a fun night.

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To make it home for eid this january, some of us had to go through one hell of a journey. A 14 hour journey instead of the 5 1/2 or 6 hour usual trip! The 12 am bus appeared at 2 am. Then we reached destination (Chittagong) at 2 pm! At the end of it, i knew the word 'tired' in a new light.

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Jan 15, 2005

Went to check out some leather jackets y'day. The first shop we (my cousin Inshti and I) entered showed us some great stuff. One of them was exactly what i had in mind! And there were others who were close to it. As so it happened, the perfect one was made of sheep skin and the rest from cows. And according to the guy leather from sheep is softer and does not wrinkle! I could see the difference in the ones made from cows which did seem harder and more prone to wrinkles. Anyhow, i had to leave that one since the sheep one was more expensive! Two thousand bucks more! What really made my day was the next shop telling me that cowskin leather is better, sheep ones get spoilt after a period of time! hmpf.

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Jan 4, 2005

Why do people call on mobile phones (wrong number calls) and ask for the area??!?!?

Why can't we have well mannered policemen? (Its so rare, that a smile right now from a police officer would probably scare me enough to break into a run!)

Why has biye's (weddings) and ziyafat's (funerals) become food items! I notice we all say that we are on our way to eat a wedding and eat a funeral.. not like this in english.. but when we say it in bengali.

why why why ?????

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"Suddenly I can see everything that's wrong with me
What can i do i'm the only thing i really am.... at all"

- Trying to Change the World, Chris Cornell.

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