Jan 27, 2006

I just came back from Copenhagen yesterday afternoon. Copenhagen proved to be a lively town even in the middle of the week. There is just so much to see, the city is full of museums and exhibitions and concerts and whatnot... so my two days there was a bit deficient for a full experience of the city. Also winter is not the greatest of times to travel!

I opened up a flickr site for photographs, which became full in quite a short amount of time, and i cannot possess a credit card as yet, so i shall have to see what i can do about it... anyway, there are pics there from the museums i visited while i was there.

Also the rickshaw on the street, all covered in snow was a real surprise... apparently they are thinking of putting rickshaws on the streets during summer for tourists to go around the city.

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Jan 23, 2006

I am happy to be back. We were in the Dålarna province from the 18th to the 21st. In a place called Fjällgården, we stayed in a house in the midst of snow snow and snow. White and green and brown and black of evergreens and dead trees were all there was against the wind blowing snow in every direction. There we had our 'Land Art' workshop. It was fun and painful while it lasted, I am glad to be back in Göteborg now!

A few photos from the trip is here.
(More photos will arrive later, and i hope to open a flickr site too)

Going thru e-mails after three days or so.. i had quite a lot to sort out (which also makes me happy in a sad kinda way...). There were many links to news items and articles besides the 'happy birthday' emails. One of them was about this study done by the London School of Economics on who is a happy nation and who is not! Apparently bangladesh is the happiest nation! hmmm... didn't see that coming... well actually.. i think i read this once before... de ja vu. well, no other link had any foggy stuff.. the rest were the painful, reality-checking kind.

The skirmish at Rajshahi University (which i also heard from Faisal bhai who is a lecturer there)
: news!

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Jan 17, 2006

'baal' is the word in hindi for hair, but in our language its the slang for pubic hair. Also it serves as a medium for many for the release of frustration, like the use of 'shit' almost, from English. but we dare not say it in front of anyone but friends, its not as popular as 'shit'. I could get away with saying 'shit' but not 'baal'.

A friend once tried to use 'hagu', a literal translation of 'shit' to bangla, in everyday speech. He came up with phrases like 'haga diyna' to substitute 'i don't give a shit'.

anyway, i was having an avalanche of words in my head last night and i was trying to write a song with them... in the end i ended up with prose that probably cannot be put into a song, and i dare not call it poetry. i named it 'baal' and dedicated it to two of my friends who i was missing all of a sudden. they would usually be the first to sample my songs. they would be my thesaurus and dictionary and translator of english and thoughts..whatever. my vocabulary is shamefully low... english or bangla.

i went to the Gothenburg city library again yesterday. Returned the first book that amiga Alma had shoved at my face (kindly suggested) ... it was Factotum by Charles Bukowski... which i liked a lot.. it was a simple experience, didn't have to run to the dictionary or think .. deeply. :) This time i got Erasure/Fuck by Percival Everett, Nickelback's Live At Home DVD and a comic by Harvey Pekar and Robert ...someone.... the time at the library was almost like swimming. I put my head under the water... swim around, and then peek for air and go back in.... I kinda dragged Quamruzzaman bhai in with me too.. he ended up getting membership and borrowed this atlas on europe and a bangla book! this library seems to have a collection of many foreign books!

I read the comic first... not the whole of it of course... just till i fell asleep! then after finishing dinner preparations watched Nickelback. I think they suck mildly. they have good riffs and all.. but lyrics wise... and performance wise... not great. Chad has a great voice though.

And after struggling on my guitar for a while.. i went to bed and started reading on the novel. Last thing i remember was getting amused and at the same time thinking about why i was reading someone's made up story.


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Jan 10, 2006

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Jan 7, 2006

life is an empty canvas at first, colored and tainted as we go on with the experiences with people and self...

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Jan 3, 2006

wow! $!%!^$!$^!#$%!$#%!#^%$@%&^#*&$

that was kinda fast! feels like it just crept up on me! Well, wish everyone in the blogosphere, atmosphere, any other kind of sphere all the best for this year. Beware, coz 2007 will be just as sudden.

Here is a pic of all the new year food! We were all gathered at Michael( Edward Patrick)'s very nice apartment for a quiet evening of food and fine Irish folk music ( ;) which we later traded for Earth Wind and Fire and later Nine Inch Nails) and good ol' chatting... and a great view of the fireworks. so this is the host (busy as ever) -

So, for pics of action... follow the link below... (sitio de mi amiga Alma)

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