Sep 30, 2005

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Sep 28, 2005

"The biggest gathering of leaders in history unfolds this week at the United Nations, as they preen and boast about how much they're helping the world's poor. In short, it may be the greatest assembly in history - of hypocrites."

- Nicholas D. Kristof
The New York Times

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Sep 22, 2005

Since i came to Sweden...

I couldn't charge my laptop battery since none of the plug points here accept the flat points my charger had! (Bought a new cable to connect my charger)

My laptop's wireless internet did not work (got that fixed later with help from online forums).

My phone's charger was missing (forgot to pack it... anyway, it wouldn't have worked! it was a bad ass big one with 3 points).

My two-pin charger was sent over which didn't charge the phone battery well! If i charged it at night and had the battery last till evening! (somehow it got better and now it seems normal again!)

The hair trimmer was plugged for its maiden run and after 5-10 minutes of use gave off smoke and a burning smell (i put it by the window where it can cool down now)

My quick shave of just the moustache with just the razor left off a bad wound that I have been living with for quite some time now! Its fugly if you ask me.

Finally, for the grand... coupe de grace (sorry to all french and literary people for any spelling mistakes), my laptop stopped working on friday. First the blue screen with the windows registry error and then a failure from the inside due to which the computer wont even respond to the PWER ON button! Then I sent it to the service people and they came back with a phone call.... my motherboard needs replacing, the cost is 4820 Kr including service charge!

How am i doing?

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Sep 15, 2005

Since the start of this week we have been having presentations about the people from the class. About the people by the people, and for the people. Its serving as a good way to display what everyone has been obsessing or being passionate or just busy with in their lives so far! Todays was very interesting and there were two who opted to use music backgrounds and say very little! This approach is very good... served the purpose pretty well. I am up tomorrow.

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This morning, the weather was baaad. so baaad that it sent me to a second bout of sleep! It didnt get any better until mid day! The sky was gloomy gray and windy and it was RAINING! People say pretty soon we are going to have like two hours of daylight or something. sheesh. When the rain had gone and the sun was out, we stepped out and was welcomed with strong winds! Its like being on the other end of the spectrum from the deshi weather i left behind... where rain was the savior and the heat the enemy! :)

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Sep 14, 2005

I went to town looking for Hotel Quality Panaroma to pick up some stuff dad had sent with a friend of his. So while looking I turned to a stranger for help, at a fish store. I think the guy was having raw shrimps, but he did agree to help me, by driving me to the hotel!!! ok! cool! so Asif bhai (who kindly agreed to accompany me) and i got into his station wagon and drove off. Turned out our stranger is an artist! a sculptor! i am very new to the city, so didn't recognize the place he was talking about where he was supposed to have a piece of his work. Then he drove us a few blocks away to that place to show us his work! It was all good, and as it turned out, I have been to that place before but I was embarassed since I didn't notice his sculpture then! At the end of the journey to the hotel, he handed me a card! So anyone who is reading this, meet the friendly neighborhood sculptor Pal Svensson (there should be a small circle over the 'a' and its pronounced as 'Paul'!).

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Sep 9, 2005

It came from 'Hot Tubs', and the subject was:

"Don't just do something!

Sit there!"

PS. And i am getting tired of the people putting ads in my comment boxes! Shame on you!

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Today we had to do an exercise in the little 3-member groups we have been given for the Introductory Art and Technology Project course. We all had a box with a hole through which the lecturer Martin would put an object inside. One of the group members would have to put a hand through the hole to feel the object and describe it to the other members who would then use that description to mold it out of clay. This little exercise was done to demonstrate how language is often misconstrued by others. Listening and talking is not always sufficient to convey what we really mean. Usually we don't listen well enough.

The pics above are not from the exercise tho.. its what i did in between exercises! Among the objects, we had a 6-inch high wooden hook, an old electrical switch, and a wooden handle probably, we are not quite sure still what it was! In almost all cases, the size of the clay production was oversized and grossly magnified, but the resemblances were clear. I don't know what exactly that tells about our group though. Maybe we trust each other too much... we are all gullible people!? :)

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These are the first tests on our boat...

This is the last and final test... the only time it worked! :)

Our class was taken away to an island named Branno (there should be 2 dots on the 'a' and the 'o') for two days. The first day i missed the boat and decided not to go. Second day i got up early in the morning and got to the island and also to the place where we were staying on the island using directions from Palle over the phone!

What do i see when i get there!? People busy building boats! We were on the island to do exercises. The whole point of the trip was to bring the people in the class closer together, kind of like an oversized ice-breaker. It worked tho... but i still find it difficult to remember all the names!

Anyway, we did build a boat. The boat was supposed to go at 90 degrees to the direction of the wind. It worked well in the final test... but of course it just went straight and fast with the wind on the judgement hour!

Some sights from the island -

These are the other more pleasant boats -

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Got to Goteborg on the day classes would start. Registered, ran between blocks trying to get my access card and internet password and classes. This is from when i was waiting to meet one of the lecturers... this is our block -

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