Since i had to go to the bank today... with new cash in our hands (me and my homie fuad) tht we'd try out the new A&W shop in Gulshan. Again, the pictures of juicy burgers graced us and raised our hopes, plus there was root beer... aha.. pretty cool. The prices at first sight are pretty high.. and after we selected we were slammed with the sad fact that the high price on the menu was excluding the VAT! well... still no hard grudges... but when the food finally arrived! pffff... the burger was so small! the fries were good, the burger was fine... but the size just put me off... especially the thinness of the patties! like salami! in the end it was the jar of root beer that filled our tummies.

Also the people working there were taught to speak in english, explain the menus and make suggestions.. and all in english.. but they were not taught to be moderate... hearing "Thank you sir" when asking for a tissue/napkin is not really appropriate! i just heard too many thank you's in one day there!!!!