Dec 29, 2011

bdnews24 has a wide reader-base, and now they have grown a wing to serve us entertainment news - titled Glitz (!

As with all entertainment or art efforts from those not in the very mainstream (we actually have many mainstreams, and just no underground), they lack publicity. The TV channels don't give them a chance, the medium with a most prolific reach. Its good that more platforms are coming up, albeit at first glance showing me two Bollywood superstars.

This lack of channels is not new in this subcontinent I suppose, as I read this article about India's efforts to emulate the Coke Studio show.

Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Dec 28, 2011

Dhaka has many cafes and small restaurants that are places where you can rest your bones, and chat with friends for hours over coffee and maybe even get something to eat. I have once before blogged about places to eat in a post called "In the Mood for Food", and now there are at least two places to add to that list and a dishonorable mention for one who I didn't name in the previous post. I name them here today, in my title (after "Boo"), since they really reallly did a number on me the other day.

My friends like that place since its a nice setting, and now its nicer one, having relocated in Gulshan to the top most floor of a building with the choice of sitting inside, or in the balcony where you get the view of the Gulshan area. Its especially attractive at night time. They serve a dish called Poutine - potato wedges with mozzarella and meat sauce said the menu. I usually avoid ordering anything but coffee there since I know better (so, it could be my fault outright), but I was also very hungry and desparate having just got out of the office at the end of a workday. When the dish arrived, it was a pleasant sight I admit. The serving was plenty, which is quite unusual for many posh cafes where prices usually don't match quality or quantity. The potatoes were well cooked and the only thing that bothered me was the meat sauce at that point. It was just sweet, and really seemed to lack any meaty essence! I shared it with my wife and we both eventually came to the same conclusion. Instead of the meat sauce, it was Daal (lentils), cooked to resemble a meat sauce. Talk about cost savings! Crooks! It maddened me, but I failed to spot anyone who looked like a manager there. Eventually, I decided it was no use complaining, I should just do a better job of avoiding Coffi11 when I am hungry!

However, there are two new superstars if you are looking for a Cafe to linger in.

Hotbrew Coffee - This is on Road 12, a small place. If you just got on Road 12 from Road 11, it'll fall on your right after just a few houses. My wife and I spotted them one day and decided to try, and we were quite surprised with the quality of their coffee. They smelled good, they tasted better and we've been back there quite a few times now already. We have already tried their wedges, which are a little spicy, but really tasty, and they have superstar burgers - beef or chicken. Though, the burgers were a little bit pricey, I am sure to go back there. Their pizzas are not that good yet, but they were very open to our feedback and have promised to improve them.

Northend Coffee Roasters - This is a great place for coffee, and pastries! They owners are US citizens who had been teaching at schools here for years. Bangladesh has grown on them and they eventually decided to stay longer. The mister is a coffee aficionado and the missus on the pastry side of things. My favorite from there are their cinnamon buns and brownies! They don't serve anything savory yet, by they are open to it. The only 'ugh' with them, is their location. They are on the road when you turn from the US Embassy towards Badda. Its a busy road, and you have to drive quite far through traffic to take a U-turn to get to them. I usually try to get what I want on weekends.

I end my rant today, with a very naive wish that businesses would just focus more on product and customer satisfaction than just squeezing the money out of us anyway they can. I found a forum online that is operated in India for consumers to report and vent about times they felt cheated, and I wonder how difficult would it be for a check to be set up for businesses who just lack heart. If you want my money, then just try to give me some value in return!

Posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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