Jul 30, 2005

Friday, the only day off. And my sleep broke off at 9:30 am. Welll, isn't that just ironic, since i had to work so hard to get up at times like that even on workdays! Maybe its my recent attempt at disciplining myself that is responsible for this. I made me some cereal, and feeling tired still tried to go back to sleep.

The rest of the day was just bad. My usual activities of refuge - music, movies, books, friends all seemed to have lost its appeal. I felt like doing nothing. I was doing nothing. So, in a way i was doing what i felt like... :) I wasn't fooling anyone... i was bored.

I tried watching "The Motorcycle Diaries" again, since the last time fell asleep during. All i got there was a baaad headache. At 6 I got ready for an official dinner. With the same people I spend the 6 days of the week, and am going to spend the next 6. And all of us being such geeks, i could tell how much fun it was going to be. Anyway, all throughout the night I felt the headache and tried to keep my wits about me. The occassion was really not handled well, the food was disliked by most, i guess they can't do much without having biryani for the deshi tongue. I enjoyed the food since i seem to have a condition that does not allow me to enjoy grease that much. get all pukey. Occassionally its fine tho.

As of today, the saturday... i shall be online, my old friends from Malaysia will poke fun at the fact that i have to work on saturdays... well, i think i deserve it. I dont really need the saturday break all the time, but sometimes would be nice.

And this fancy mouse i bought earlier this year... is acting up today... the left click is really requiring some technique....

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Jul 28, 2005

Tho i kindly refused amit's offer to join him for lunch at this new place 'time-out' (or old place.. its new to me), i ended up going there for dinner. and what a bunch we were! ol people from my old university (MMU Melaka), and also tanim and rubaiyath (non MMU people). Time Out seems like a nice place... jus when i was thinking there are so few places where you can sit outside walls and eat and enjoy a chat... a few places pop up... like Time Out. Tho we couldn't sit outside.. coz tanim was feeling hot! we had beef chap (our deshi version of beef steak maybe?), and paratha, lassi, coke. To top it all of.. sheesha.. strawberry flavored. Tanim kept choking with every puff!!! scary! the smokers, and i, as an ex-smoker had it. the others wouldn't go near it tho i tried to convince them that this is harmless. didn't buy it. then tanim wanted to have Nasi Goreng which was available at 'Chaat Street' across the open space outside (CS and TO share that space apparently, but share absolutely nothing else, competition is intense and they hate each other .. i think. they wouldn't do tanim the favor of going across the porch and getting him a plate of Nasi Goreng (in malaysian, Nasi= Rice, and Goreng = Fried). He went over there to ask those CS people if they would send over a plate of NG since the TO people said they would allow them to bring over a plate from CS. But CS people said that the TO people will want to fight them later over it... and that they would only allow him to take out NG .. if he can take it to TO and eat it.. fine! so much trouble over NG... why do people act so weird... for proprietary measures... sheessh... anyway tanim was adamant and he got his NG. He offered us some ... but all the MMU people who had like.. 4 or more years of this just refused.

It was fun listening to the AKTel bunch go over their problems, of how GP was apparently fooling people to believe Edge was GPRS when it is not... of switching and MSCs, no, i think i stopped them before they got to MSCs! :) and then we talked of the latest grameen ads, since tanim was also part timing at an ad firm that does AKTel's ads.... but he apparently liked the GP ads, whereas Rubaiyath who likes beautiful things didnt think they were beautiful. tanim tried explaining that it was ok for their target audiences - the young.. then we realized, oh my god.. we are not young anymore! he said the ads were more with the rhetoric they use rather than the polished idea of beauty we see everywhere. its in your face.. i think i agree. donno much on the subject, but i think it gets a message across. but i must admit many cows on a pink/purple background, just was baad. anyway, we stopped them too.. and then had a merry ol time looking back on life in MMU and making fun of each other... what else are friends for?

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in between bonani and mohakhali shorok is a tnt colony which is beside a bosti. there is a road through that bosti which can be used to go to mohakhali and thus gulshan 1 by rickshaw. during then you can see the garbage dumped by the waters, the small huts, you can get the stench of rot. across the water you can see the buildings on the other side, which provide a more humane abode for those who can afford it. we went by that road last night... and it was as if we were just passing by a grand river, and with the darkness hiding all the garbage and the poverty, it was hard to tell for someone who didnt know, that there was a bosti there. I sarcastically spoke out 'beautiful bosti' while i took this picture.... Now i realize, its not the bosti that is beautiful, but the view on the other side... the other side of the fence or the promise of a better place.... a better life, light on the other side of darkness.

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Jul 26, 2005

Obtained through word of mouth:

"In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?"

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Professions that are respectable in the eyes of middle-class and upper-class bangladesh Bangladesh:
High ranks in the military
Executive in a multinational
(Did i miss any?)

Those that are not:

Factory Worker
House Help
Teacher (debatable in personal opinion.. but this is not about personal opinion. And probably will be excused if you are a woman)
All other professions.

Would i be wrong to say this? If i am wrong, then through my own weird twisted logic i will be very pleased. If NOT, is this right i wonder... or healthy?

Not to mention that the police and other govt. service workers have over the years earned their disrespect! Again, some businessmen also probably deserve disrespect in various degrees, but their ownership of wealth makes it all ok.

Money makes someone 'borolok' instead of just 'dhoni'. Could it be that this little piece of language is confusing us? And i laugh when i remember once that the driver of a CNG three-wheeler i was traveling in scolded a rickshawala as 'goriber baccha' for complaining about his bad driving! lol... the class system of money is here to stay?

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Jul 25, 2005


Far And Away. This movie was first suggested to me by harry (harun). The passion with which he suggests a movie is what amazes me... "Maan its soooo goooood" is what he'll say with all his heart, eyes all shiny. Tho his influence on getting me to buy "Hum Tum" was not really appreciated, this one made up for it. Far and away is a tale of two people from two ends of their lives in Ireland countryside (one a farmer, the other a daughter of a rich landlord) leave their shores for the shores of America, the new land. Its based on those times when America was 'new land'. The story is nicely woven with the hate to love chemistry transformation between these characters played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (i think this is where their real life relationship started as well - Well actually.. it was 'Days of Thunder' as Shapps pointed it out...).

Cold Mountain. This is a story from the time of the war between the north and south of America. Here as well, romance is the theme of the movie. A reverand's daughter (N Kidman) falls for a working man in some brief encounters (Jude Law). Before they can get to know each other Jude is whisked off to the war that had broken out. It shows a lot of the chaos that the war had created in the far lands like Cold Mountain, and the resolve of this woman who is waiting for this man whom she barely knew... Its got great dialogues... thats what i found most appealing about the movie. Leaving the romantic lines alone.. i'll try and reproduce one of the dialogues about life:

"I believe there is a plan for everyone. A design. A bird flies somewhere, eats seed. Bird shits seed, plant grows. Bird's got a job, shit's got a job, seed's got a job. And ..you've got a job"

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On the way to work.. i stopped and took some photos. The stop was inevitable since my baby had a flat tire... sorry, i still have the old habbit... i meant my 'cng'. So while the spare was being fixed on, i took two pictures... it is a beautiful morning.

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Jul 24, 2005

While i was priding on myself on not taking the cable again... refraining from watching tv like a 'zombie'.. flat mate duely pointed out that I was in fact zombying out... but just in front of my laptop by watching movies, or music performances!!! he's right... flat mate c'mon join the fun!!

Well, lets see, in movies the past week there was:

Fiddler on the roof: A Musical. The backdrop was a small russian jewish village which works like a clock with all playing their parts and in peace and harmony. The focus was on the family of a farmer with 5 (or 6) daughters who prided on the traditions that he, his family and all his village people live by. t-r-a-d-i-t-i-o-n.... they'd sing about it!!! But amongst all this is the search of their mother to arrange her daughters' wedding, where age is not a factor, but the wealth and status of the man is. After all, he has to be 'able' to keep them happy! But inside the daughters all hoped and dreamt of more romantic encounters, and experiences, which they eventually get... at the leniency of their father... who sees their point of view. It was a well made movie which i saw attacking a lot of ...'tradition'al point of views, mostly about marriage, love and society. But instead of making it dark and an assault, it does so with comedy and positive attitude. This is very old, most of the things they attacked are no more in Russia or the west, but in this subcontinent, it is surprisingly still so.

Team America. The cheapest thrill of the week. Gary an actor is hired by 'team america, World Police' to curb the world of terrorists (bearded muslims, and a north Korean politician). Go figure. there was also the Film Actors Guild, which they kept referrring to as FAG, and a nonsense quote with something to do with dick, pussy and assholes! hmmm.

Love Song for Bobby Long. A long drama. I donno how i would have felt about it if it did not star Scarlett Johanson in it! John Travolta was good.

Kramer Vs. Kramer. I heard of this movie from parents a lot, and held the scene of the kid and father making breakfast for the first time after the mother leaves them in my head somehow. I watched it again this weekend and it jsut got me into thinking about Bollywood, coz they made a movie like this also. Its just amazing how they often just copy off hollywood. and sometimes the
1 and 1/2 hours of hollywood is not enough to cover the 3 hours of bolly, they often rip off various places. Sometimes off really old movies! think black and white.. like "It Happened One Night" starring Clark Gable. Google that to find out the year that came out!
Anyway, the K Vs. K was very good.

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- different people have different ideas of what they want from life.
- one finds hard to trust or understand the other's life-ambitions (assuming they are different, like on a different polarity).
- the grass is greener on the other side. But when faced with an oppurtunity to cross the fence, i start questioning whether it really is!
- If i say X doesn't have his head screwed on right... and X says the same about me, who is right?

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Jul 21, 2005

The Stockholm Challenge Award 2006
is open for entries

The Stockholm Challenge now welcomes ICT based projects from all over the world to enter the award and compete for the Challenge trophies. The Prize giving ceremony will take place in the Stockholm City Hall in May 2006 and all finalists will be invited to participate in the event.
The Stockholm Challenge is a very successful international networking program for ICT entrepreneurs since almost ten years. It continues to be a leader in demonstrating how information technology can improve living conditions and increase economic growth. One of the main features of the Stockholm Challenge is the ICT prize, the Stockholm Challenge Award, which has attracted over 3000 projects over the years.


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Wow, looks like things are going upscale back in MMU!!!

I remember our battling days.. when we won third place playing Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode! That was a talent competition tho... MAchaa Hafiz... apa hal!!??? And the winner is ... 11th Hour (Tho i wanted to call our band 'one night stand') lol.

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An appeal for fund for the treatment of popular actor, director, playwright, organizer, cultural activist & valliant freedom fighter
Mojibur Rahman Dilu.


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Jul 20, 2005

...that i am a natural with chopsticks. I always imagined i'd fumble with them sticks... but no.. i mastered the art just be reading the instructions on the back of the pack holding them sticks. I didn't have the stab the food with them sticks like i thot i'd have to!!! haiiyyyyyeeeeeea! take that...

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Jul 18, 2005

I have been sick and away from a lot of things for a while. work and the internet mostly. after recovering i found that i was just listening to the heavy and hard music from my collection (from AC/DC to Symphony X and Nightwish). But since y'day i am on the easy listening side. listening to 'Riders on the Storm', Ntin Sawhney, Marty Friedman's slow colossal jap sounding pieces, and so on. Today was the same too, u2, van morrison and neil young for the larger part of the morning.

also found this interesting website: SongFacts.com
. People come here and report facts about a song. I found out that the song Zooropa of U2 was composed with the slogans from commercials!

Also found out that PEarL jAm (maaai favorite rock band) didn't do a video for six years after their album 'Ten' came out. then they did the video for 'Do the Evolution' which was totally animated and didn't feature any of the band's memebers. The animation i found out was done by a guy called Todd McFarlane (the guy behind the Spawn comics and also Korn's Freak On a Leash video's co-director, and their 'Follow the Leader' album's cover artist.

Mosha and i have also started working on a track. I went to collect my guitar and processor from his house, and in a short time before that i played some stuff which he recorded. Later he cut riffs off and loaded them up as samples on his Fuityloops Studio (its a software) and made something off, having added Tabla and Drums on it. The riff itself was a rip off of the bhatiali kind of tune u hear often on songs about the rivers and the boat people (o majhire...). It was all good. then we had the idea of jamming on it again, to see what it could be made into (we just have only one minutes of audio so far!). Of course we don't have any lyrics for it, so making it into an instrumental piece was the idea. I feel that using guitars any more on it will just make it something ordinary and told him that Trumpets are what we need, to JaZz it up. anyway, since we don't have any trumpet playas on hand, we decided to try guitars with the processed tones from our processors. We jammed for a long time and in the end added some solos over the track. at the end of a long period of work, none of us liked what we heard. Back to square one.

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when i have too much of a (cough) good thing, it loses its touch. then i take a break, and come back to it later. it is a good thing again!

i read the newspaper today after a long long time. and it was pretty interesting that i actually READ some of it!

Prof. Yunus of micro-credit fame is nominated for nobel prize.

The law for the 'contempt of court' is finally being revised. my emphasis on 'finally' in writing will not be clear to anyone, so let me give you the figures. The original law was written in 1926. India and Pakistan revised theirs before the turn of 1978. oh how we treasure what the brits have left us! just think where we would be without them tho!

A woman was killed and buried for dowry! These things still happen! The unfotunate mother is still unable to find out where her daughter has been buried.

There was a report on the 'killing spree' of the new law enforcement branches. amazingly the police has killed more people than RAB or Cheetah, or the 'Joined Forces' (i am not sure who they are).

Apparently after a report by Daily Star on unhygienic eating places of Dhaka, extra mobile courts were sent out to curb this. frankly i find nothing scarier. lawless law enforcers on the prowl on vans, the verdict may just be painful or costly no matter what the crime or lack thereof. the 'cha nashta' factor is everywhere. They fined 'Hotel Purbani' for 1 lakhs for use of unhealthy colorings and other chemicals. I hope it was an honest undertaking.

Other than that, there was a really candid pic of Maradonna playing a friendly beach football game.

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Jul 17, 2005

i am pretty sure there is an ant hill inside my laptop! ants have been coming out of it all day long!

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Jul 16, 2005

I recently heard a story. It was apparently in the news, so maybe people out there will correct me on my incorrect reprodction of it.

A family of one mother and two of her daughters apparently suffered from schizophrenia (help: Spelling?) after the man of the house died. The mother became paranoid that the world outside is cruel and harsh, and will come soon to take away from them all that is theirs. She convinced her two daughters who used to live with her about the same. There was another sister but she was living with her husband somewhere else. Apparently she was not allowed to come into the house because she was part of that cruel world outside. They survived in low living conditions, as long as they could avoid the world. Later the mother died, and the two sisters didn't dare take the body outside. Only when the mother's corpse started rotting did they start contacting others. One of the sisters was an engineer and the other a doctor.

More in the news, a little kid was beaten to death by a teacher. Another story was reported on tv during a talk show about stress in BTV by a called from a village where the teacher had managed to wound a student in such a way that he was bleeding from the head. the crime: he forgot his geometry toolkit.

And of course, we all know that the white collar crimes that take place are carried out by 'educated' people. Is there no way to curb crime, greed and violence with education? Clearly the teachers mentioned here have psychological issues! they need help. we need help.

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Jul 13, 2005

IT was a hot cake once. Everyone thought it was hot cake. The world was talking about it, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world. Programmers were thought to be vewwwy vewwwy well paid. All interviews on tv of brilliant deshi students who aced their board/naitonal exams wanted to be computer engineers or computer science fellows. I was one caught in the whirlwind.

With the options before me at the time, I chose the Faculty of Creative Multimedia as my destination. But abba, amma and none in my extended family would support me in such a decision - an 18 yr old at the time. I would classify families to be of two types regarding education. 'Business Study' likers and 'Engineer' likers. Thus the next logical step was the Faculty of IT (since I thought pure engineering would mean a lot of maths, which i would rather avoid! I didnt suck at it... but I just didn't like it much. One reason i get amazed by Dr. Frank!).

Having worked in the local industry here for over 2 years, I have got some insight on the industry. First stop was Grameen Software. I was happily employed at first, ending a three months long search for a job. The salary was actually good for starters, unlike the measly figures i saw being offered on bdjobs.com - 5K? 6K?. bah! There were enigmatic, talkative, and experienced consultants there who promised golden days, and prophecized how the market would grow and develop. Their ideas still seem to me to be ones on track. Bangladesh was a nation really deviod of IT... in any sector! Schools did not have automation, offices did not. The post office at that time rejected a system built by this man. And the solutions to the IT dilemmas at these places were already available out there, in the form of open source applications. All you had to do was take it down, generalize or customize, and market it to them.

Still, however the problem i guess was the number of companies willing to budget a consultant to go over their situation and point out the oppurtunities to apply IT to better operations. And those who did, were not ready to pay a good price for it! As our then manager would say "they want to buy a ship at the price of a boat (- Noukar daamey jahaj kintey chay!!!)". :) there goes the high salary for the IT man!

As I soon found out, the "want"s of local companies were really not well defined. They would not be properly assessed for the prospect for using IT there. A rookie at the time, most of the older employees were not IT graduates. They were the products of the wave of NIIT and APTEC and the like. Most came from non engineering backgrounds, and that didn't help them in any way. Made things worse I think. So there weren't really experienced, knowledgeable people at the higher positions. Bangladesh has a lot of programmers, but really not that many software engineers or architects, or even analysts. This is going to change with time, as the industry ages. It already is from my observations now.

Another problem with the IT companies here are Management. Smart managers are needed to run these companies. Managers who appreciate the workers, who understand the work he is to do - manage... and not do poddari (act out) over the developers. He should know to keep his workforce satisfied and happy. To maintain a work environment is also neccessary, and would probably marginally make the lesser pay (compared to his fellow graduate in the multinational's IT dept.) seem easier to swallow. These managers need to keep themselves abreast of the IT world too. His workers will definitely appreciate a boss who knows what is going on. Be discrete however please, don't go out giving lectures to the developers after reading one article! Who knows... maybe one of them wrote it (especially since articles may b on blogs these days!). Also they need to understand how to maintain the size of the company. Many overstaff themselves and things go out of control. As for looking from a higher point, the managers of different companies really need to friendly with each other, to whatever extent possible. This will strengthen the industry with better informed and collaborating members. Arrange seminars, meetings, exchange the use of new and better technologies, argue over management methodologies, play NFS... no?

The rich and famous, as I see from the scene now are the ones working for companies with outsourced work! Though I am no longer in Grameen Software, I know they are doing well due to some jackpots that opened up from the west. Their CTO is ecstatic now with the possibilities of the new and improved (downsized) company. My present place of work is doing well too except for the fact that its a start-up and business has not started yet. But still, the budget a company abroad has is greatly helped when they send out the work to india, bangladesh, sri-lanka ... eastwards basically (Though their local workers get vewwy vewwwy angry, and who knows... many countries may close their doors for outsourcing). They save a lot of money, and us locals compared to other locals make a more decent wage. I think working for an outsourced project should be on everyone's agenda for starters. This way people get better experience with the 'in' technology. The experience earned there should then also be applied to local work, when appropriate.

The heroes however should be the ones who start their own venture. If you are successful then bravo and congratulations, and if you at least tried, kudos nonetheless! My memory is failing to retreive some names of these heroes... but they do exist. 'Mind Shares' i know was one such venture! Then there is the Dhaka/Chittagong Racing games. If you are making your own products, what else could give you a better feeling? U are IT!

(Anyway, my IT fingers are getting tired. Hopefully, i will work up a good typing speed writing these long winding boring pieces and qualify for some Data Entry job if all else fails)

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Jul 12, 2005

there was a story recently of a ex-pat returning to do good. this is definitely not a first time. I have repeatedly seen my uncle come with bulbs over his head and return with a frown on his face. But this dude was different. there was an interesting story to how he went abroad in the first place! And for that, he was receiving a lot of media attention - was or is going to be featured in Ittadi; and is going to be the main feature of a documentary (in the making) titled 'Bridging Two Worlds' (co-produced and co-directed by Hanif Shongket). Anyway, this kid escaped a violent beating father in his village by running away, landed in Dhaka, got listed in an orphanage with prior knowledge of chances to go abroad that way. He told them his father was dead and that his mother was seriously ill. Later, at between age 8 and 10, luck struck, and he was adopted by a woman from the Netherlands. Thats how we went away.

he returned now and went looking around for his family again. having properly identified his brother after struggling with a few imposters, he went back to his old village and met his family again! And he has been working to improve things in that village since then.

i read this story in Prothom Alo's magazine last week, as did most of my relatives. at my khala's dinner table a discussion came alive on this dude's grand life adventure. how he ran away from home thrice to escape a father that was beating him. how after the first run, he became so fond of the free life. and how amazingly, he was a good student and sportsman later in his youth in Netherlands.

my cousin who is a tablighi was also there. all he could say, repeatedly was how we lost his religion along the way. i was wondering whether he was thinking of 'why'? or of how we might have still retained being a 'muslim' had he not gone away? i wonder what sort of a muslim he would turn out to be? verily there are lots of variations present in society under the label of 'muslim'.

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Jul 11, 2005

I was happy with the way things went on inside the Sweden embassy. The woman who took my papers seemed easily irritable but I think I managed to stay calm. The mic hanging from a high position on the wall (or was it the ceiling?) did make me nervous though. All in all, things went well, and she promised to allow me to drop the photographs (that I had forgotten) in the day after with the guard at the gate.

On the way out, I tried explaining to the guard how and why I will be showing up at 'his' gate tomorrow, and the assistance that I will be requiring from him in the process...namely, to pass on the photograph to the lady inside! He rolled his eyes a little, looked lost... deep in thought. He seemed to be opening the gate awfully slowly. It was a metal gate but I dont think it was that heavy. He opened it a little and an impatient me tried to hurriedly leave through that small space, when I felt the mildly plump guards body brush against me from behind! He spoke hushedly to my ears "Cha Nashta'r Kichu Dibenna?" I was out by the time he finished. I was amazed, disgusted (by the whole approach of it) and at the same time at a loss for reflexes. I did not know what to do or say. A confused murmur of "Naaah, ajke nah.. hoyto kaalkey" slipped out from my mouth. I don't think he even heard what I said, I didn't want to make it clear either, I had no intention of entertaining this request or plea, or threat. He was a middle aged fella, with the blue white stripes and badge of 'Group4Falck' (I don't think I spelled it right), a private organization who supply guards and other security services to other organizations. I never would have expected this from him!

The fate of my photographs will be in the hands of this guy tomorrow. The lady clearly indicated that my visa application would not be considered without the photographs. Should I wait in line tomorrow and hand them in myself? What other way is there to handle this situation without having to pay for Cha Nashta? I have enough money to treat him to a five-star hotel mind you...but this tendency of everyone to demand a little extra for doing their jobs is not something I ever liked and nor do I want to entertain it ever. I just pray I am never cornered to succumb to such exploitations. Well, here is a situation.

I don't want to stand in line again at the embassy. If the man wanted a bribe, or just a little 'extra', the time in the line might be a lot more than the usual. Of course I could cause a min hungama and try to gather public support on my side from the others in line. No, I just don't want to be in line again. It will be handed to the guard as I had planned. I came up with the idea that I will try to scare the guard a little. I will hand him the photos and tell him that I will email or call the lady inside to inform her that I have dropped them off at the embassy with the guard. This will surely get him thinking into not doing anything slackish. I settled on this as a 'good plan'.

Then I also considered the fact that he might not be that desparate for the extra so as to go to measures to make my photos vanish. Sure, I get paranoid easily often! So in case he does claim the money again, I played out little lectures on ethics and morality, honesty, piety that I might give to him.

This morning I passed the photos to the embassy. Through the heavy rain, I passed the envelope to the guard and explained that he should pass it onto the woman inside. He asked me whether its enough for him to pass it on, I replied affirmative. And with an attempt to show great appreciation, I thanked him firmly and let go off the envelope. No lecture delivered, no little warnings given out. I didn't give him a chance to say anything much after I handed him the envelope. I rushed back to my taxi amidst the rain and headed for work. I did email the embassy with a notification that I had sent the photographs over.

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- Even though I studied all my life in English-schools, the one year I spent in a Bangla-medium school for Class 1 had quite an impact on me (School name: Hatey Khori, Unofficial Slogan: Hatey Khori - Golay Dori, Location: Agrabad R/A, Chittagong). Thats because that was the year I learnt my times tables. I am more accustomed to 'dui duguna chaar' than 'two times two is four'. Even though I cracked numbers in English all through since class 2... i always did the maths in my head in Bangla!

- I am more accustomed to the 24-Hour clock! I always respond better to 2200 than 10:00 pm! I think the whole 'pm-am' thing is the reason for this. I do just fine without it!

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Jul 9, 2005

wow... tomoorrow ..i shall be going back to work after a weeeek! s
Now the week past has been one of moving to a new house, recovering from an eye infection, of pool and movies and spending more time with friends...also admiring the large room that i have moved into. i M still planning what to do with the space! I have plans to reserve one side as a jamming place, with the guitar and amps always hooked on. That way i'll hopefully get more practice in. hmmmm. yea.. also cant wait to go back to work! :)

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