Mar 30, 2005

I just heard their rendition of the track "Are you in?". hmmm... what to say.. it was 'amusing' at best. Also read a frustrated listener's review

Apparently they also covered David Bowie, Black Sabbath, and Mudvayne!?!?

The track that really has me going now is A Perfect Circle's rendition of John Lennon's Imagine. Lovin it.

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2005

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My amp is really letting me down with its recent bout of cold. all its sneezing and coughing is really chokin the sound of my ibanez ax 125! what am i to do!

i just returned from chittagong a few days ago.. and now i feel like 4 days of holidays there was just not enough!!! i still wanna lay idle and sleep endless hours for a few more days.. BUT c'est la vie... and c'est very cruel. The last day of enrolment is 4th of April maybe i should get those french lessons. Or would german be more interesting? guten?

i finished The Da Vinci Code! round of applauses for me and flowers showering mysteriously from somewhere above. For this feat i feel ...the need to go back to NFS Underground 2 again as entertainment after work. TV is just soooo boring. It even has me thinking of getting internet hooked up at my apartment again! hmpf. more bills? is that what i need?

Fuad says he wants to buy a car! he doesn't care that he is months away from 'possibly' moving to Denmark! in case he does go.. this car wil mean extra costs, not to mention going back to being 'car'less! but he is afffixed... all he needs now (according to him) is the green signal from the authorities (parents).

Is my blog blog blog translating to 'blah blah blah'?

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Mar 21, 2005

A few days ago, one of my colleagues saw 'The Da Vinci Code' with me and took it for a while to check it out. The next day he came to me to tell me that the book was on the news! Apparently it had stirred up quite a controversy somewhere. Later I think I read the part which might have caused a storm. This book talks to a large part about the establishment of the church, how a real story about Jesus was fabricated and sometimes hidden and about the 'Holy Grail' (remember Indiana Jones and the last crusade?).

Anyway, another large focus of the book is on symbology. That is interesting at times, and at times just seemed like a farce. I mean the number 5, pentacles, pentagrams, etc... were fascinating at times and at times to think people would go to such lengths to code info at places did seem kind of obsessive.

I still haven't finished reading the whole yet.

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Mar 13, 2005

potboiler \POT-boi-lur\, noun:
A usually inferior literary or artistic work, produced quickly
for the purpose of making money.

Posted on Sunday, March 13, 2005


I seemed to have taken back the reading habit again! I guess it depends on the book now. Guess, I'm a sucker for mysteries and thrillers.

Now my latest is The Da Vinci Code. One thing this book has managed to do is create a great urge to go and visit the Louvre museum in France! Its detailed descriptions and notes is responsible for this. Other than that, the descriptions of early paganism, the early church's actions against pagans and Leonardo Da Vinci's lifestyles and philosophies.. stuff like the Divine Proportion, symbology, and what not! its got me totally sucked in and when i am not reading this, i am probably going through the internet looking for all these concepts mentioned in the book!

But I am only halfway through... so whether I'll complete this one is yet to be seen!

Posted on Sunday, March 13, 2005


Greatest stage ever built for a concert in BD so far. Biggest crowd? ...umm not sure. Great festive surroundings with stalls for art (no comments on the actual art in there), fashion and music. Especially the Sound Machine stall where people were free to jam on a drumset, guitar and bass!taht was kewl... considering some guys went there and really jammed out some goooodies. BUT! The sound of the mainstage sucked! uff.. that just stumped out all the goods, and the highs of the day! until Strings came out (the 3rd last event) this was the case. Junoon and Strings by the way, were there! : ) and then got dropped off by a helicopter in the middle of the field at midday! that was kinda kewl... but again.. they got to see our bands perform with horrible sound! hmpf.

Spotlight: Ajom Khan.. if this man can't dance.. nobody can! ;)

Also, couldn't stay through the whole of Junoon's set.

Tat was the saddest! :(

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Mar 5, 2005

On the way to the place where we were to jam, Ishti and I did a lil calculation... we were on our way to a jamming session after 4 months! It was fun however rusty we might have all gotten, and however little of our songs we remembered. FUN. But i do have an aching arm now, and the other two has blisters on their fingers! :)

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Posted on Saturday, March 05, 2005

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Mar 1, 2005 Australia?!??!

Apparently, Bangla is now offered as a second language in HSC exams in New South Wales in Australia!

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Posted on Tuesday, March 01, 2005