Dec 31, 2005

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So, I am back from Denmark, and since then the
weather in Gothenburg has proved really unfriendly. Snowfall is in full steam (if i may use this word) for two days. But i braved it last night and went to check out the discounts at the electronics stores in Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen. The idea was that maybe I will get myself a cheap mp3 player. But! i ended up buying a camera!

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Dec 25, 2005

Realtime Music Collaboration Software - Ninjam

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Dec 24, 2005

Took a cool rollin tumblin ride on a Stena Line Ferry to Aalborg yesterday. Its pretty barren place... but good to be among old friends... to see those old faces again. Hope to have a nice time here.

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Dec 22, 2005

That was the name of the work we did for the 'Hidden Agenda' project. An oversized comic book with the story of a person who relies on his imaginary friends - the two conflicting sides of his psyche to survive. The creations of his imaginations were really parts of him, and portrayed as real persons and the main character named 'Nadie' was drawn always as an outline except for that one page where we put in a trip back to his childhood.

None of the pages had text on them, just pictures, drawn by hand (sketches and paintings), photographs, cut outs, collages etc. Every page however had a soundtrack to it which starts when one turns the page. For this to work we made a contraption over the top which sents a signal to the computer which in turn identifies the page from the signal and plays the corresponding soundtrack.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our work:

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Ok, the exams are over! done with. Now i have time and i have been able to get some of the photos of our 'Hidden Agenda', exhibition of our term projects for the Art & Technology Project Introduction course. Martin did a good job of teaching and Mats and Palle did a good job of directing the students. All the teams worked extremely hard, wracked their brains and produced the best they could.

Here are some pics from that day...

Last minute preparations...

Opening Night:

A little something in the bathrooms too -

Dan was his usual 'Robot Cowboy' self...

All Photos Courtesy of
Yuan Yuan

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Dec 20, 2005

Guess which monument is in trouble according to 2006 World Monuments Watch:

Its been a while (years and years) since I have been there. Its funny even how meaningless our movements have become. Supposing I was home at this instance and went there for a visit, would I notice its decay? If I did, would I do anything about it?

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SO, the hurly burly is done (the exhibition and all that leading to it) and now the new hurly burly is on... the EXAMS. yikes. catches me off guard every time, no helping it. We had a day long exam today. first lookup about the monuments the profesori put up on the board [mostly relating to the monuments made is remembrance to the atrocities against the Jews in WWII]. I got to read up on Horst Hoheisel's proposal for one that the German govt. wanted to be for the murdered jews of Europe. His proposal was to blow up the Brandenburger Tor (Pic). Of course the proposal wasn't approved (it was in fact approved after a long time of debates and thought, and two competitions), but here is what he planned:

1. Blow up the Brandenburger Tor
2. Grind its stone into dust
3. Sprinkle the remains over its former site
4. Cover the entire memorial area with granite plates.

All the english articles/excerpts I found relating to this was by a profesori by the name of James E. Young, and here is what he said about it:

"Rather than commemorating the destruction of a people with the construction of yet another edifice, Hoheisel would mark one destruction with another destruction. Rather than filling in the void left by a murdered people with a positive form, the artist would carve out an empty space in Berlin by which to recall a now absent people.


How better to remember a destroyed people than by a destroyed monument?"

I thought this was really interesting, also it sheds a light on his methods if you also look at this work of his which he did earlier: Negative Form

Then we had to write our own proposals for a monument commemorating some tragic incident of the past, and also read this epic about Gilgamesh or some account of it and write another proposal of an artwork relating to something from it. And in between all that was a short/long interview with the profesori about the readings we had to do so far. So all this was from 9 am to 7 pm, and now I am very confused. We had no idea what the exam will be like, and I expected it all to end at 5pm, whereby I would go home and sleep, and start on the next exam after that, since my oral session is at 8, it would be well to be awake till that time. But now, I am confused.

And for some reason I remember the office days where we would change Asif's desktop wallpaper to some crappy dhaliwood actress' wallpaper with exuberant colors whenever he would leave his desk. Hahhaha... sorry Asif but it was a lot of fun! hhahhah

I should study again....

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Dec 19, 2005

if artists were on the lookout for things to portray things from life in their art decided that life just the way it is suffices... then what? isn't life good enough to be art? to be thought of and treated as art?

having done a presentation on Dick Higgins (1938 - 1998) a few days back I found out about a group of artists who had this viewpoint. Dick Higgins was a man with many talents - poetry, music, visual art... and also writing about art. There he spent a good amount of time and had his own publishing house named the "Something Else Press".

He writes about the art - life dichotomy:

“In the situation of art that is in a dialectical relationship with the ‘real world’ outside itself, the art work (as in both Dada and Fluxus, for instance) directly incorporates elements from daily living – treating the making of a cup of coffee as music, for instance. The purpose of this is not, of course, to shock or proclaim originality. If it were, the artist would surely propose to mix concrete and turds and fill the pot with that. Rather, it is to see something that many people experience in a new and aesthetic way, and thus it is very important that real water, real coffee, and a real stove (for instance) be used, not the illusions of them. In this way the overall experience of art will be enriched by one’s life, and one’s life will be enriched by art.”
[from his essay Modernism Since Postmodernism]

The group of artists were scattered over USA and Europe. And when George Maciunus and Dick Higgins started the publication for the kind of activities these like minded artists, a name was given to the collective... FLUXUS, from the word 'Flux' for change. The other artists associated with this style is John Cage, Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, and Nam June Paik.

For an interesting short history of Fluxus, read Higgins' A Child's History of Fluxus

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Dec 12, 2005

Some of us have volunteered to work as testers for one company here for testing touch table roulette games they have developed. Its pretty neat and right now there are some sleepless zombies stooped over it running on adrenaline. not quite.. the machine has shown some signs of let up recently and there are guys working on it now. It was running from saturday afternoon till this morning. And the objective is to keep it running for 48 hours straight. I slept some in the middle, after like round 4 which was probably at 4 am today, and woke up for round 10 around 9 am! There werer those there who had gone all the way without sleep. Some had real fun with it. For me it was fun too, but my sleeping habbits have recently not allowed me to do anything overnight so far. Lost those undergraduate habbits right after starting on the working life. Anyway, the machine is cool and soon to hit casinos in a lot of places.

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Dec 8, 2005

Thats the name of the block where the art tech programm goes on.. where the magic happens or the people sleep or party... some live some visit. Well, the last few days have probably been the busiest for most of us... and its still going strong. amidst all that the bunch of guys who set out to make a website for this planet have completed it. There is also the wiki where we put our notes up for the seminar course, and the stuff about the workshops we did, and the Hidden Agenda exhibition that is coming up.

Without further adieu.... the website:

Since the exhibition is the current focus, the default home page will lead to the exhibition's page...

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so, we are in the middle of the winter now. From bangladesh to sweden.. the winter takes a different appearance... a different degree of cool. Before arriving here, most students i guess pack their bags with the heavy stuff... to survive the winter here. I did the same. But since coming here i have been hearing the same thing about the winter in Gothenburg. More Rain Less Snow. And so far, its been quite the 'universal truth'. We had one day of snow so far! well, that taking out of consideration the 'baby snow' (tiny white fluffy particles floated around one friday afternoon), and the wet icy snow (it was raining with little bits of ice also with it), and the ice downpour.

But frankly the one night of snowfall changed the view of the city I am used to! White white white.. all around, and with the help of the street lamps things just looked bright... and beautiful. here are some pics from that night... You'll notice that the pics from my phone are the shittier ones, compared to the ones from my friends' cameras!

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Nov 26, 2005

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What is a 'Theremin'? If i was asked this question before today...i would have probably guessed it was some sort of medicine! But as Ivonne explained to the class, it is a musical instrument! And a very unique one at that! It is playable without any physical contact with the instrument. It is shaped in the form of a radio, with one vertical antenna, and another one placed on the other side. The vertical one allows the control of the pitch of a sound being produced and the one on the side allows the control of the volume of the sound. So one can just play this thing by standing by it and moving the each hand around and about each antennae! bring it closer the pitch goes high, start moving it away, the pitch goes low.. similarly the volume is made to go high and low with the other hand!

This is my explanation from what i saw and heard today! If you have any bit of fascination for music or its instruments.. look this up. Heres a little help:

I couldn't understand why this was not used widely like the other instruments, sure looked like an interesting one. And i found this website that lists the artists who have at one point or another used this instrument (Among the ones that i listen to are queens of the stone age, david gray, garbage... portishead!):

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Nov 24, 2005

Well, paint just does not seem to be my cup of tea... then again.. what is????
Graham (teacher) made us do quite a few paintings on the second day to get us used to it. and out of all those i did.. I ended up liking the one sheet of paper i used to mix my paint.

Also.. this one..i kinda like... the instructions for this one read: in the dark, all the cats are grey (something like that!)...

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Well, it was 8 degrees today! and since i had no way of knowing that while i was dressing up in the house...i kinda felt the heat when i got on the tram! The streets were wet, but i don't recall rain at any time of the day. Snow is not common in Gothenburg, that is what everyone here told me so far, and so far.. it hasn't snowed.

The temperature however dropped below zero a few days ago!

Also, while I was walking to the tram station, i noticed a bumper-to-bumper situation. Kind of a rare sight to me... and i of course hurriedly took out my phone and 'snap'ped it.

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Since Faisal bhai (present roomie) wanted to borrow the GNR mp3s, i had to dig them up and give it to him.. i had almost forgotten i had them. But the whole incident made me remember the time i was so crazy about this band! I think Slash is one of the reasons i was interested in guitars in the first place. he may not play much, but he had style and andI put on chain bracelets on my wrist becaus of him. I used to know the backgrounds of the bands, and each of the members... of how Axl Rose was a straight A student and Duff a car thief (really?)! I haven't listened to them in quite a while (= years and years!) until recently of course... now that hey have been dug up!

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Nov 18, 2005

[Our profesori ran this by us today during class discussion...]

by John Donne

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manner of thine own
Or of thine friend's were.
Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

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Nov 16, 2005


Going back to AG (amadergaan) after quite a while.. i get this goood news, courtesy of a freind who calls himself 'butpar-tanim'! Black and The Watson Brothers are going to be playing in a concert in Kathmundu, Nepal alongside bands from India, Nepal and Pakistan!


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We started using colors today... Acrylic to be more exact, and also learnt amazing historical facts about color in the world of art. Apparently in the start, Blue was the hardest to come across. And whenever a color was hard to come by, when it was expensive it was used by royalties or religious authority figures.

Anyway, here are the shades I could produce and a head that looks like Homer Simpson's!

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Nov 12, 2005

This progam of ours is sooo precious... they work us too least me, who fatigues too easily coz of old age (cough.. cough..). This week has been hectic.. i lost track of all that i did in this week and its hard to keep focus on all that needs to be done later on...

We got back hurriedly to the 'hidden agenda' project's work as soon as we finished with the 'Body Art' workshop. And finally we sat down to straighten up the storyboard of the graphic novel we set out to create. We still haven't finished it properly, not to the level so that we may start going into the appropriate drawings. But at least its up and running now.. hope we dont fall asleep on it halfway.

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Nov 10, 2005

that theres one common sight on the streets of Sweden and Bangladesh....

...people spitting ...!!!

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Nov 7, 2005

spending eid in sweden i realized how nice we are back home to be having holidays for almost all occassions for almost all religions! here i shall get a holiday for christmas and eid was spent mostly in classrooms and without the surplus of food that most back home associate eid to. Then again also in the Daily Star was the news of how the monga affected people of the north (el norte) is going through a pretty terrible eid. Eid or no eid, their plight is unchanged and it was just another day.

I also realize that i really would like to buy a camera. ... digital shot ..

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Nov 2, 2005

Desolation Row

"Yes, I received your letter yesterday
(About the time the door knob broke)
When you asked how I was doing
Was that some kind of joke?"

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Nov 1, 2005


For the month of October 2005 (Volume 5.10):

In this Issue:

- New Featured Theme: Online Safety and Security
- Presentation Guide to TIG v5
- Language as Violence, Violence as Language
- Panorama Current Issue: Cyber Citizens
- New Global Gallery Contest and Winners of "I AM TAKINGITGLOBAL"
- Featured Country Sites: Nepal and Spain
- TIG Russia Open Forum
- Open Forum on Youth and ICTs in Kiev, Ukraine

. ++ Dispatch 5.10: Safe and Sound :) ++

Welcome to another edition of the Dispatch! This month, we would like to bring your attention to a subject that is current and relevant to you and every member of TakingITGlobal: online safety and security. As the youngest citizens of our world, we are particularly good at maneuvering and interacting online. Despite our familiarity with the Web, we are not exempt from being a target of those who use the Internet as a tool for harm. In our Featured Theme, we'll introduce you to the issues and give you tips on how to protect your computer and more importantly, yourself. :)

Keep safe and sound, and have a great month wherever you are!

. ++ Monthly Theme: Online Safety and Security ++

The Internet has changed the way we live our lives forever. Now, every cyber citizen must become cyber smart or face the consequences. From protecting your computer to protecting yourself, its all here in our theme on Online Safety and Security. Downloading, cyber bullies, copyrights, file sharing, cyber predators, phishing scams, and a lot more. Do you know what you need to know?

. ++ TIG Site New Tool Guides ++

Popular sections such as Groups, Projects and TIGblogs, have brand new features for you to discover. Download one of our easy to use powerpoint presentations and show a friend how to use our newly enhanced tools! Download your powerpoint guide today:

. ++ Language as Violence, Violence as Language ++

TakingITGlobal in partnership with UNESCO and the support of the Foundation is developing a range of initiatives around the theme Language as Violence, Violence as Language including:

> An Online Art Collection
Young people participated in a range of vibrant workshops and training sessions, facilitated by local partners, and then worked on producing photographs. Images have been gathered with partners in a range of cities, and were then uploaded to the collection.

> A Creative Magazine (in collaboration with UNESCO)
The creative magazine will be presented at the UNESCO Youth Forum and then produced by the end of 2005.

> A Multimedia Short Video
This multimedia video will encapsulate the content presented at the UNESCO Youth Forum and will then be available for download here:

These initiatives aim to enable young people to discuss the manifold forms of violence that young people encounter, perceive and express in their daily social environment and, most importantly, to actively explore and develop alternative languages to violence.

More information can be found at:

. ++ Panorama Current Issue: Cyber Citizens ++

In our current issue, we investigate the notion of "Cyber Citizenship" and online safety. What does it mean to be a cyber citizen of a world without national borders? How should we behave in this global community? What new opportunities do we have? How can we protect ourselves from harm?

We invite you to contribute to the subject by writing about any of the topics covered in our Featured Theme this October and November - - or by writing an article based on your own experience navigating the unpredictable place that is the World Wide Web.

Contribute to Panorama's current issue and share your unique perspective! For more submission criteria please email or go to:

. ++ Global Gallery Contest "Virtual Citizenship, Real Safety" ++

The Internet is a place to explore, a mode of communication, a source of information. Many people find and thrive along the information highway, rounding its curves and linkages. Others find a venue for expression and nodes to give voice to their opinions and creative thoughts. The web emerges as a place of interwoven connection and opportunity, but also a place of hidden dangers. This month the Global Gallery explores the concept of Online Safety and Security through a poster contest. We want you to create a poster on any of the following topics, or come up with your own idea.

Possible topics include:

- Intellectual Property
- Identity Theft
- Cyber Citizenship
- Cyber Predators and Bullying
- Online Security: Protecting your computer

* The best posters (submitted by November 6) will be printed and spotlighted at the upcoming World Summit on the Information Society in November.

To learn more about these topics, please visit the Featured Theme page at:

Visit the contest page to submit your entry:

Contest Results for "I AM TAKINGITGLOBAL"

In August and September, the Global Gallery ran a contest entitled "I AM TAKINGITGLOBAL." Here are the results:


Ssendagire Paul, Uganda


Alligator, Egypt

Terri W, Canada

Chris C, Canada

. ++ October's Featured Country Sites ++

Explore TakingITGlobal's country sites and learn about members who are actively involved in TakingITGlobal and local projects all over the world. This month, why not visit Nepal or Spain? Each country will be featured off the homepage for two weeks out of the month, starting with Nepal.



Help develop your own nation's country site, by becoming active in TIG's discussion boards, TIGblogs, Panorama online magazine, Global Gallery or by posting events and opportunities. Need more information? Contact

. ++ TIG Russia: Open Forum on the Millennium Development Goals ++

More than 30 active Russian young people took part in the TIG Open Forum on MDGs which became a part of the International Volunteer Festival in Tver region, Russia. Informed about the global initiative and inspired by sample MDG projects that youth create around the world, participants of the forum got involved in vibrant discussions as to what change can they, as young people, create in order to achieve the Goals which they find most relevant for Russia. Want to learn what came out of this? Click here:

Russian Art Contest Submissions on Exhibit

On September 4, the wonderful winners and runner-ups of the TakingITGlobal's art contest "Russia Through the Eyes of Youth" received their prizes at the award ceremony in the art gallery "A3" in Moscow, Russia. Their works were also presented to the general public in a ten-day exhibition. Besides the winning works, the guests of the event got a chance to see a selection of contest submissions in all four categories which were rated high by the jury. For pictures from the ceremony click here:

. ++ Open Forum on Youth and ICTs in Kiev, Ukraine ++

On September 24, a Ukrainian team of TIG members and partners organized an Open Forum on Youth and ICTs in Ukraine. The forum was held in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, and was a part of National Youth Campaigns on the Information Society coordinated globally by TakingITGlobal and SchoolNet Africa. Ukraine, a country with a population of 48 million, has 5.2 million Internet users (Source: The Forum on Youth and ICTs in Ukraine was the first attempt to bring together young people and representatives of IT companies in the country to discuss the vision and strategies for the development of information society in Ukraine.

For more information about the Information Society Campaign in Ukraine and ways to get involved, contact Denis Stepura:

View photos from the event and closure report here:

PS. I forwarded this from my mailbox, everyone should check out the links above tho... A+!

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Oct 31, 2005

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Oct 27, 2005

Let Jane show you around this ancient town in China through her photographs.


And do not forget to try her WOOGLE!!!!

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Oct 22, 2005

I have been thinking for quite a few thoughtwaves about the education we receive. Is it apt? Is it successful? Is it responsible for anything we do in life later? Does it contribute anything? Does it make us better people? Does it, or should it define us as a society?

And thus i am now on a quest (online) to look for material on the theories, methods and focuses of the educational systems of the world. I have a hunch we are missing a few elements. Also what we learn in school and what we are taught at home should also tally, in case some one tells us at home that do what you have to do in school to get the grades ... you dont have to follow it in real life. Should schools teach us to be responsible people? to be aware, socially, morally and ethically?

Too many questions for now. Everyone out there is free to email me or put in the comment box here (if you are a current blogger) your thoughts, especially if you are from Bangladesh, I would like to know what your thoughts are about the pros and cons of our educational system? Email is at, and the username is 'parthib'.

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Oct 21, 2005

Posted on Friday, October 21, 2005

Oct 20, 2005

We have started our second Art Workshop, and its on Net Art. Alberto arranged a very fun and vibrant first day as always, beginning with an introduction to the world of net-art, many links and categorized to
Art On The net
Art Through The Net
Art Of The Net.

Now again we are being made to do something for ourselves in groups along these lines. Ivan, Valeria and I are a team this time and we played with the idea of Chain Stories in emails, kinda like Chain letters, along with a phony "..forward this to 10 people or you die" sort of ending (I am saying phony cause some of those actually work! :p). Then we decided to start a story on a blog site, and hand the username and password of the site in the site itself so that people can log in and write their portion of the story. The starting is totally different (a person waking up in a strange place after a possible accident at sea) to the title we gave it (And the music played on).
And so far there have been 3 continuations i think... pretty good. We have been trying to get the links circulated among friends and family so that people are gathered for collaboration.

So the link to that blog is this HISTORISKS
There you can read the story so far... :) and to contribute... Go to Blogcity
and login -
Username: historisks
Password: historias
(included on the main page of the blog, in the About Me section).

Go there and put your imagination and creativity to work, no rules, plus u can link images to use as illustrations. Just one warning, refresh the story first to see if someone already updated anything before you are posting.... Enjoy.

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Oct 19, 2005

I've been using Gmail and thought you might like to try it out. Here's
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Oct 17, 2005


Follow this Link

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I must commend The Daily Star for their new series which is the Report Card for the Ministers, so that all their activites of the past four years are put into perspective... and I hope they read it too!

Posted on Monday, October 17, 2005

Oct 16, 2005

Last night was 'Culture Night' in Gothenburg. all museums had free entrance and there were many public performances going on in different places, being performed by people of many countries, including Sweden of course. The library was also busy with films being shown in their auditorium, and them selling their old books and magazines for 10 - 20 Kr. Their were music being performed inside the library as well!

Here are some photos (courtesy of Jing Li):

This is outside the art museum in Gotaplatsen (pronouce Yotaplattsen), there was a nice stage with live bands, people gathered around it dancing and having fun.
A close up of one of the bands there.
This is an art piece that was on display inside the library known as the Stads Bibliotek.
This is where the band played inside the library.

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