May 28, 2006

Pink faces, bright contrasting colors, movie buffs, great!

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May 23, 2006

Sometimes I amuse myself... While trying to explain to a friend why I sleep so much these days, I told him that I have split personality and one half of that is a hibernating bear! He said I was on drugs. /lol

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May 21, 2006

hey! my old school is online! wat a surprise while registering for MySpace!
Go Chittagong Grammar Schoool!

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less is More

Pointless. Gutless. Careless.




Clueless. Shoeless. Mindless.

Formless. Listless.


God Bless

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Well, I made my fourth trip to Denmark and the third to Copenhagen this thursday. But this time the partners in travel were the whole of my class from 141, and two of our art teachers Graham and Martin. The highlight of the tour was the Lousiana Museum which has the best collection in Scandinavia. We also got to catch the "Sip My Ocean" exhibition which had chosen works of video art. Among them were the works of Gary Hill, Bill Viola and Nam June Paik, whom we read so much about in our first term. There was also one artist in that exhibition from my lil' desh named Runa Islam (tho she works out of UK). The Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen was also interesting, with its messy artworks in progress. It certainly made me feel a bit inspired about the arts, working with matter and your hands... to produce. Then again, we are back now to our computers, in our own mess, our ship-building block of 141 with its industrial cranes and whatnot. I took some pics while we were there, check out the flickr site for those.

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May 15, 2006

Wow! Good work Freddy!


I just saw a lil video freddy made up from footages he took of the exhibition we had at the end of the first term at this art and technology madness. The music in the background is a part of one of Alejandro's compositions.

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I have to change from tram to bus 16 at Brunnsparken every time I take a certain route to the 141:an, our program's block. Its either this or Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen. Either way, since Spring came, these two places are amazingly filled by the presence of birds, they are in constant motion and they are constantly heard.

For many days I been wanting to sneek up to some of them to take pictures. Well, that didn't happen today either but I did get around to taking some pics of them from where I was waiting for the bus.

the flock

in flight


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May 14, 2006

Ittadi showcased Mr. Leepu's handiwork a long time ago, which I can remember I saw as a schoolkid! He made a car for himself, in the shape of something close to a Lamborghini! how sweet is that?! Well, opening the Daily Star website today I came across a story featuring him, and how he was asked to make two different looking cars in 8 weeks by the Discovery Channel! Well, good to see him getting some exposure abroad! Too bad our govt. is too slow to pick up on anything (news news news huh?).

The Story

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May 13, 2006

As usual, i forgot the name of the place we went. The trip was a part of a course we have which deals with narrativity, and thus character building and all that. So on this trip we were to assume the roles that we had some time to develop over the past few weeks. Firstly however we were broken down into groups, so that each group had a theme, and then we developed the characters with relation to those themes.

Anyway, there are pics from that trip on my flickr site and the place was just soooo beautiful, I shall urge all to look at the pics from there.

Meanwhile, as far as beauty and photographs go, I would like to point out this link too:

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May 6, 2006

Amazing how you see people and talk to them, but there are always things you never really know about them! Nikolai from my class is one of these people. He is an architect from Serbia who was the person to join the class the latest! lets say a week or so before the end of the first semester when we were all just wholly occupied with our upcoming exams.

Anyway, he has opened up a new website and it is called CGbrainchild. here is what he had to say about it:

Only aim of this gallery is to give inspiration to Artists. CGbrainchild is mainly about Computer Graphics, but every other piece of art, sketch, art studies, story is welcome, because this is about Inspiration.

So if you have some artwork that you would like to show, and you think that it can be inspiring for others, go to and see Sending Your Artwork Details.

CGbrainchild is now on search for:
| 3d Artwork (created with 3dmax, maya, softimage...)
| 2d Artwork (created with Photoshop, Painter...)
| Sketches, initial idea drawings, studies
| Traditional art images
| Stories about success or better failure and what you learned from that experience
| Or maybe you have a suggestion

Be sure to also check out the links at the bottom of the pieces from the gallery of the artists' pages too!

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May 5, 2006

I strolled into campus at sometime after 7 pm. Its Friday and I had no classes. Until Arif called me up to chat... and then I thought it was Saturday when talking about calling up the British Embassy to see if I might be able to travel to UK over the summer, and he made me realized it was in fact Thursday! damn! I missed a few classes today then. tanm to earth... tanm to earth...

Anyway, surfing through i am realizing what a good job the people over at there and Soundmachine and others with them are doing. Thanks to their perseverence, so many bands unknown/unheard of to so many people now have websites. And of course the people at the forum are providing feedback, reviewing their work... its working out well i think. Anyway, here are the links to some of the websites which are coming out: (best you turn speakers a bit low for this one)

On a note unrelated, or maybe "related", my cousin faisal plays in Pentagon and he recently got engaged to Alif of the same band (she sings, he plays guitar... go figure), and are soon to wed in my absence. Congratulations to them.

Most of the websites have what it takes on the side of aesthetics, it reflects the band's mood most of the time. Contentwise they are all lacking, and it is kind of weird to see most websites having educational details of members, as we all know most bands break up due to members leaving the country for higher studies... ahem... and whats the point of mentioning that? I think the websites should focus on NOW and only on things related to the music and its art or influences. Books a member read and movies and favorite food kind of trivia is okay, i think that has some purpose to some fans. Another thing i like seeing in band websites is what the members are currently listening to, and hopefully pursuing those artists and musicians will broaden the scope for the listeners too. ramble ramble ramble.. blah blah blah.. over and out.

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