Aug 27, 2005

I am a headless chicken today.

Even tho i don't know where my head is at a moment, i know exactly where it has been afterwards. The destinations today are the bank, the endorsement of my money... the currency transfers, the flight bookings, shopping for warm swedish-weather-friendly clothes, contacting the university, and the sheer tightness of the deadline, dead being the keyword... in two days i shall prepare and leave for another country, or not. Oh.. i didnt need to be so dramatic... i'll just catch the classes late.

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Aug 25, 2005

Aah. Life. For the past few days it has been a surplus of sleep, food and tv. Almost made up for the weeks and weeks passed in shortage or lack of these luxuries if I may call it that. Also,I hve been away from the internet! Today we refilled our home internet (its a prepaid arrangement).

Anyway, seems like i have next to nothing to say.. so... here goes... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Aug 17, 2005

Office-ay boshey boshey shuntesi dhakar nanan jaigay boma futsey!

Ei dikey bishal ek party, bhai, bon, khalato bhaiyera, amar notun bhabi, ebong tahar attiyora shobai gese Fantasy Kingdom!

tarpor dosto rony tv deikha news janailo je locations gula hoitese...
High Court area
Airport Road
and 35 other districts! including Chittagong!

Korlam shathey shathey Amma're phone. School early chooti diya disey! lakh shukur khodarey.. ekhon doa kori je khoda abar shob thik korey dik... karon according to BBC, this is the work of a small group 'mujahideen whatnot'. phfffff.

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By way of HTCURRY of Amadergaan who got it by way of the internet (usually now means :p ):

"Have you ever noticed that if you rearranged the letters in "mother in law", they come out to Woman Hitler?"

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Aug 16, 2005

'Disgusted' is probably the word to describe how i'd rate my mood today. The day has been full of powercuts today, and thus going on and off work, or adda (chatting, tradiotionally person to person by mouth, not using computers or 'Instant Messengers'). In the end i could not stand either. I found some solace in the music i brought with me... listening to Collective Soul's The World I Know now. Blasted Agontuk-3 a while back. Thank you Sumon Bhai for the kickass song there, and Shishir for being such a brilliant guitarist! Talent personified!

Since the awful back pain has subsided, I am wondering whether to take the X-rays to the doctor... I hate that race of people.. mostly anyway. Since I might join my newly wed 'daktar' (~ doctor) cousin and his wife for dinner.... maybe I can pull out the massive x-ray at the dinner table and have him give me an analysis. What should i do till dinner tho anyway? Will Collective Soul be able to keep me calm till then? Home seems very far away, but there I could shut off the world behind closed eyelids in sleep. How enticing!

I do hope this days ends well.

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Aug 14, 2005

That would be the name of our lil group. the merry men of rock... who gather every saturday in a corner of Dilu Road for four hours of jamming. I started playing a lil two chord riff that Raziq liked a lot. I told him this won't make a good song... its too 'cheap' ... its 'cheap thrill' these kind of things. He started laughing at the idea of it... and i kept thinking that would be a nice name for this group... CHEAP THRILL. Then we won't have to try too hard and come up with all the cheap thrills our instruments will allow us to muster.

Last night we went jamming again. As so happened Raziq has written a whole lyric for the cheap piece and it includes the phrase 'shosta shiharoney' at one point! Anyways, i told the guys we should really prepare 'Cheap Thrill' and 'Ei Prothom' such that we can record them in a short time before we started our thing. And it just so happened that we screwed up the most that night. It started picking up later tho. My brother and sister also came by later to watch. Cheap Thrill took a pretty good form by the end of our two hour session. We were one hour late and we got out one hour early.. that is how dedicated we are!

Anyway, as of now... i am sitting in my office with a back ache ... feel like a horse stamped on my back for a while and left it in million pieces! I discovered the ache last night when I got home... I couldn't even lay on my back! And since morning every gulp of water is creating an ache on the top right of my back. ouch. its too much. Wait till i cough or sneeze... uff, that hurts the most!

Update from 5/6 years later: The band is called Rhee, and the song Cheap Thrill was released in a compilation titled Rock 505, which came out together with Rock 404. Between the two CDs there were lots of new bands releasing their first or second single, as well as the older bands like Black, Arbovirus, Cryptic Fate and X-Factor.

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Aug 13, 2005

...what i was going to blog about! later....

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Aug 7, 2005

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Confusion is my middle name. Or was it my last?

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Aug 6, 2005

I was at the office on time! whts the big deal tho! :p

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Aug 4, 2005

The guys from the Creative Multimedia faculty in my ol university seems to be in full gear. First saw an ad one of them did for Suzuki in Malaysia! Then i got linked to this:
It is awesome to see that such a good mix of talents are moving on together to form a company of their own. Wish them all the best in finding a good position for themselves in the market, which often just does not appreciate these talents at all.


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I donno why i like the name 'Count Olaf' so much! So much that i logged onto msn with that name!
:) And i forgot to clear the 'Still Got the Blues' tag from the personal message section of the messenger. Imran wasted no time in pointing out that count olaf would probably never be 'blue', that it was a contradiction i had up there. I tried to convince him that Count Olaf despite his wicked ways was a person, with a heart and all... deep inside craves to be loved.... crap!
Amit recognized me instantly ... like it was just like me to have some weird name for my msn title... he didnt even know who Count Olaf was! I tried explaining it to him...
"Count Olaf is a splendid man, a master of disguise ...rotten to the core.... knows what he wants and is ruthless in his efforts to get it, gives no way to compassion and other bullshit like that... we should all be so like him..."

A Series of Unfortunate Events
...and more
...and even more!

Among other things, i was advising sajid to not go for his MBA straight away! So many people do that and end up just working with colleagues who just have a bachelors degree! Without work experience what good is a masters degree!? I suggested to him, and in doing so decided to have a look into it myself. I was surprised to see 'least' spelled as 'list' at many places. Wonder whether it was jobsa1 or the company that is 'leasted' who should be blamed!

Right now i am fascinated with the websites that was made for that movie!!! wow!

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Aug 3, 2005

Zeitgeist \TSYT-guyst; ZYT-guyst\, noun:
[Often capitalized] The spirit of the time; the general
intellectual and moral state or temper characteristic of any
period of time.


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