Jun 26, 2006

Tricky. I heard of him coz he and Live did a single together, i think its name was 'Revolution'. Maybe it was Tricky featuring the singer from Live.

Then I came across him again, when I brought the 'The Work of Director Stephane Sednaoui' from the library.
This director is great by the way, with these music videos to his creadit:
Tricky's For Real, Pumpkin; Garbage's Queer; Red Hot Chili Peppers' Scar Tissue and Give It Away, Bjork's Big Time Sensuality and Possibly Maybe; REM's Lotus; and U2's Mysterious Ways.

This is Tricky's For Real.

You watch too many films
Too many films for real
Some because you take too seriously
Your record deal
A record deal pays bills
Feeds the family
Your profile is too big
How you gonna be a crime family

Too many films are for real
You want to see any films
Films are for real

Dont get me wrong that you got guns
And youre not scared to use em
But is there money bein made round these guns
Or lives to be losin

You watch too many films
Films for real
You watch too many films
Too many films for real

Some of these people have to life their life
For real
I dont have to, I got a record deal
For real
You heard
I chill
I smoke herb

Now how about these sexy singers
Sex cards
Two pack girls in a turn
Your fantastic, you supersperm
Yeah, Im a player hater
I hate when players cant take their turn
And when the record company drops me
Thats when I learn

Its not for real
Its just passed the time
Its not real
All I do is rhyme

Its not real
Its just passed the time
All I do, all I do is rhyme

You heard you heard

You go romeo
Girls say you look tall on the video
And the colored girls sing

Give me money, give me money, give me money, give me money

And no one sings the blues
Everyone sings the greens
Some will say keep you on the prize
How you lose a dream

Who am I to say I dont need cash
In this hundred yard dash
I moved a while ago
And passed through new york
Ill be back in a minute
Its my turn to talk

For real
You heard
For real
You heard

I can grab a mic and wrack it
Make it go posethic
I train my mic
Restrain my mic

You watch too many movies
For real

You watch too many films
Films are for real

You watch too many films
Too many films are for real

You watch too many films
For real

Posted on Monday, June 26, 2006

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Jun 20, 2006

The Hultsfed Festival took place from the 15th to the 17th, 3 days of different kinds of music being played in 7 stages of varying sizes. I got to see Alice In Chains, which was the highlight of my journey there

Alice In Chains

(More pics on my flickr site)

Also, got to see and learn of a lot of great bands i did not know about! So i will just list them and link them here, in case anyone is interested:

The Brian Jonestpwn Massacre [related: mazzy star, psychadelic rock, slow tempo, minimalistic lyrics and music]
Soilwork [Related: Metal, Pantera]
Stonegard [Related: Metal, Thrash]
Martha Wainwright [Related: Folk, Singer/Songwriter, early Jewel]
Strapping Young Lad [Related: Metal]
Disco Ensemble [Related: Rock, Ac/Dc, retro rock]
Phoenix [Related: Pop/Rock, Maroon 5]
Freelovebabies [Related: Stone Roses. rock]

Posted on Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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Jun 14, 2006

Tomorrow me and a few friends head off for hultsfred, where a big music festival is taking place. We rented the car today, the tents, sleeping bags and food is on tomorrow's agenda. Hope everything goes well.

Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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Jun 3, 2006

Could someone write me a song, that promises great things in the verses and goes for a commercial break in the chorus?

Posted on Saturday, June 03, 2006