when i have too much of a (cough) good thing, it loses its touch. then i take a break, and come back to it later. it is a good thing again!

i read the newspaper today after a long long time. and it was pretty interesting that i actually READ some of it!

Prof. Yunus of micro-credit fame is nominated for nobel prize.

The law for the 'contempt of court' is finally being revised. my emphasis on 'finally' in writing will not be clear to anyone, so let me give you the figures. The original law was written in 1926. India and Pakistan revised theirs before the turn of 1978. oh how we treasure what the brits have left us! just think where we would be without them tho!

A woman was killed and buried for dowry! These things still happen! The unfotunate mother is still unable to find out where her daughter has been buried.

There was a report on the 'killing spree' of the new law enforcement branches. amazingly the police has killed more people than RAB or Cheetah, or the 'Joined Forces' (i am not sure who they are).

Apparently after a report by Daily Star on unhygienic eating places of Dhaka, extra mobile courts were sent out to curb this. frankly i find nothing scarier. lawless law enforcers on the prowl on vans, the verdict may just be painful or costly no matter what the crime or lack thereof. the 'cha nashta' factor is everywhere. They fined 'Hotel Purbani' for 1 lakhs for use of unhealthy colorings and other chemicals. I hope it was an honest undertaking.

Other than that, there was a really candid pic of Maradonna playing a friendly beach football game.