This was last night's entertainment. A group brought on by the British Council. We arrived late on the scene and the ticket man sounded very surprised that we still wanted to get in after being 15 minutes late. As i walked through the gates of the auditorium, I saw the group on stage making some strange, almost comic sounds with their intruments. At that moment I thought this was a scam in the name of music! After we sat down it got a bit better. The flute was good, the cello player was good too. The keyboardist played some good stuff. It was a pleasure to watch the xylophone though. I think it was also the first time. Then they did some good fusion music with some local musicians and kid vocalists. It was kinda like watching a bad school performance. hmmmm... but there was promise. In the end I can appreciate their approach to music... going to places over the world and interacting with the musicians, and even kids there.

Hmmmm. Posted by Hello