Uh oh...
I am getting hooked up on the comedy available on youtube. U can find lots of stand-up performances there, such names as jerry seinfeld will get you results, but best just go and search for Comedy or Comedy Central to find acts from a broader spectrum.

I really got to like (late) Mitch Hedberg's kind of comedy. His laid back attitude, lazy style of delivery and content that does not attack any race or group is remarkable.

He made one joke of those who catch fish for sport (just catch them and then take them off the hook and put them back in the water) where he said that some people don't want to eat the fish they catch, they just want to make them late for something. That also got me thinking about what that experience might be like to a fish! Well, mostly I wonder if they use alien abduction theories to explain it. What if our alien abductions were like that? Someone's is fishing up there for sport?!

They took her and ran experiments on her, and then brought her back here. She was never the same!

Other comedians I liked were:
D C Benny &
Omid Djalili