I woke up this morning, and while my eyes browsed some news of cricket, I realized I don't know who won the world cup this year!

But aaaanywaay.... Reading the news is always such a chore. Its fun sometimes tho. Not 'fun' as in haha, being on a merry go round feeling happy way... but in a desparate, sarcastic way. The news most of the time gives me the impression that something is really wrong with the world, and it just surpasses common logic and thus appears 'funny'.

Of course there is nothing funny about war, and people dying of forced circumstances, but there is something funny about people reinforcing those circumstances, and defending those circumstances. There is nothing funny in hearing that Suu Kyi's house arrest has been extended.
And that the champions of democracy are really not too bothered about her. Lack of 'interests' you see.

It is definitely a chore when there is nothing funny, just the deaths and the violence. And you see countries put up against countries on those headlines. Israel - Palestine - USA - North Korea - Iran - Syria - Lebanon - Afghanistan. Its not funny. An entire country feeling hostile against another? Or is it just the government, and the ignorant or selfish portion of a population? I wish that a distinction could be made as such, but its next to impossible, unless the portion opposed to the atrocities, or plain outrageous 'circumstances', come out on the streets, on the blogosphere, the media to show their opposition or disgust.

Last night I read something funny.

The US govt. is now fearing the growing military powers of China! Thus, the pentagon calls for greater transparency from the Chinese govt. on that matter! How now brown cow?
And who remembers the US spy plane that was caught flying over China's airspace?
I am fondly taken back to childhood memories of being concerned if a friend had a better matchbox model than me.

The bbc report states that they have missiles with ranges that cover the entire United States, and submarines that carry nuclear weapons.

The US govt. has always had a fear of China. The govt. of Nixon in 1971 hesitated to acknowledge Bangladesh as a free country due to political reasons to not make Pakistan .... unhappy. "Kill as many as you like ... We are friends" says Mr. Burns. They considered Pakistan to be the one that was preventing China from being more boisterous in that region at the time.

Now, China is one of the big boys in the "market place" (aka. The world as we know it), and they are one of the nuclear powers.
N u c l e a r
This is again another one of those 'funny' areas. Who shall have some? Who shall not? Who shall decide? And, Who shall not be allowed to care of others' opinions? The only way I see fit to balance things is to either to all have it, or all not-have-it. What about the one country that has already used it? Shouldn't they be definitely not allowed? "You had your fun boy, now gimme that" ? There is also the no-first-use treaty. What can I say, my face is breaking into a smile already! Maybe its just me, when I think about our defense budgets, our gun makers, I cant help but smile in disbelief. 'Funny' is definitely the wrong word here.