From the Daily Star I learn today that the government is taking views from the public about the proposed Right to Information Ordinance (2008). The Ministry of Information has a website, and they are supposed to provide the information there about the ordinance, and other things, and the Daily Star has published a list of emails where people can send in their opinions: (jsdev = javascript developer?!?#$!@)
The site works on IE, and on my firefox (iceweasel) I saw
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But all you firefox weasels, you can still ‘view source’ and get the info if you really want to know what the govt. is upto. To save some trouble, here are the links: - Links relating to MOI. Here you will find a link to the ordinance. Its in a .doc format, and in Bangla, which I couldn’t open to view. - Various Links (includes BTV, BD Betar, FDC etc.) - Will reveal who is responsible for the atrocity of a website. - Their 'Contact Us' page, very elaborate with even the home addresses of their members! Not too smart.