We've had a lot of software producers in the country since the 90's, and recently the PM when doing her selling bid during the last election created a lot of (or some, if you don't like exaggeration) talk, with her promise of a "Digital Bangladesh".

As of now, we're still not able to make financial transactions online, but we hear that Bangladesh Bank has made some progress and we will hopefully be able to use credit/debit cards online soon. And we hope so cuz there are now many sites where we could use this to good use, of course once we also establish a good delivery system.

Online Classified Ads in Bangladesh
Cell Bazaar Logo, one of the online Classified Ads site
Logo of ClickBD.com, an online Classified Ads site of Bangladesh
Deshi Listing, an online site for Classified Ads in Bangladesh
GoromCha.com is an online Classified Ads site and very good looking too
Logo of eBazaarBD.com, a Bangladeshi classified Ads site
Bangladesh Free classifieds at www.olx.com.bd
www.idhaka.com - Classifieds of Bangladesh
Website of Sell-Buy... Classifieds to Sell and Buy
Online Classifieds site

CellBazaar and ClickBD are probably the oldest of the classifieds sites. GoromCha is new and I love the way it looks. There are lots more, click on the logos on the image above, and see for yourself. The newer ones obviously have lower number of listings, and some also have usability problems. Most of them list things from cellphones to land! Job listings are also available in some.

There are also specialized sites listing only cars, or real estate. There is actually quite a few of the latter, as the land and construction industry is growing without bounds, as it should not be. I found another interesting site called Expat Blog for anyone who is living outside of his or her country. They also have a classifieds section for the sake of those in the same country.