You can tell how powerful and connected the bus owners' alliance is by the amount of things they get away with. Their buses are absoulute mounds of hazards running around in high speed and crunching cars and pedestrians alike. They pimped up their rides inside to fit in as many seats as possible by calculating the 0% of comfort they could provide a passenger, and they stuff the buses full till there are people standing against each other, breathing down on each other.

They have killed on many times and the bus driver's window is just large enough for him to escape through just so people don't catch him and beat him down. If that latter didn't happen, the driver probably wouldn't run, since he has no reason to really. He is protected.

If anyone caught the recent (June 18) indecent event that took place during a meeting to discuss bringing down bus fares, they'd know exactly what kind of people are protecting them.