I am writing this at the backdrop of many happenings.

A prime minister is persecuting the murderers of her father and many other family members while a president just pardoned a murderer who butchered a man... a murderer well known, and known to be an ally of the rulers.

"Gonotontro", or Democracy is on every politician's lips while they push changes to the constitution that'll strengthen their stances as a ruling party against anyone who wishes to raise a voice against them.

A truck carrying over 40 young boys collapsed on highway resulting in most of them dying while drivers grow even more daring and even more restless.

6 boys from the city are beaten to death on the suspicion of being burglars, whereas some months ago, a woman at another village suffered the same 'cause of death' (almost, as she was stoned to death), and a few cases of sexual assault on girls from teachers made the news.

Grown men are in apparent loss of direction or leadership again (happened once before in another party), or just bending backwards waiting for an inept leader, or the leader's child to come and take the helm, and lead them on. Shame!

I have often ranted on the lack of 'value' for the goods or services we pay good money for. However, this is not just bad service at a restaurant, or an inferior material on a shirt. It also includes many critical things like medicine (remember please, the case of the "paracetamol" that killed many children) and health care. The latter is an industry here which is also myopic in its business goals to get the money from their customers' hands. Recently, large and fancy hospitals have been built in the city which resemble five star hotels from the outset, and yet fail to deliver 'care' services.

Some argue, that this has always been and shouldn't alarm me so. That statement has always failed to calm me, and I just see how our education or our religions did not equate to enlightenment. We are busy, very busy and cannot stop to make way for others, or stop to think for one minute of what can come out of our actions. So now, everyone fails - teachers, lawyers, doctors, police, politicians... you, and me.

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