I, like many, were shocked when our President had given pardon to a convicted criminal. Though we were many, we were not the ones that mattered. This was a political move and like so many moves not made for the benefit of the public. The latter motive is only fed to us in times when our Prime Minister called the power board to start load shedding so we do not forget what that is. A cruel attempt at humor from the mighty, who I doubt really knows what load shedding is like.

Clearly, compared to load shedding, loss of life by murder is clearly a great tragedy. And this, both the mighties one, would imagine, would understand and empathize with. When questions were thrown out to the government about what they thought about the pardons, the answers varied among these:
  • Its the President's decision, it shouldn't be questioned
  • The President did what he did, we as citizens should accept it
  • Where were you when BNP pardoned a killer in their term?
Baffled? This person clearly is, as he wrote to a letter to The Forum:
On what basis, I ask? Were they victims of circumstance? Was it self-defense? Did they have no other way? Or is it that, despite committing pre-planned, cold-blooded murders as proven in a court of law, they just that they have the right connections? That they come from families of influence? Not only have they been spared the death sentence, but in some cases, even the life term has been waived, with the ultimate punishment being a few years in jail. For some of the criminals who were absconding, it is not even that, for their jail terms are being calculated from the date of issue of the arrest warrant years ago, thus their having to spend no time at all behind bars. What does this say about the legal system of our country?
Not a day goes by in parliament, that the government criticizes the absentee opposition BNP, who were in power earlier. Not one rally can be picked where their power wasn't justified on the failure of those in the past, namely, BNP. And if they should come to power, can be relied on a 100% to do the same just out of spite.

During the 2008 elections, BAL really managed to sound like the 'Voice of Reason', and yet, a lot is left to be desired. A LOT! It would be a fantastic move for either to shed the weight of the old, unsuccessful, counter-productive ways and to really establish democratic practices within their parties. Whoever does it first, would really go down in history as champions. Don't they understand?

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