I remembered watching a live DVD of Coldplay's tour (an old one... just after A Rush of Blood to the Head was released I think), where the singer plays piano in a completely different way. I don't mean different as in a matter of style of playing, but the style in which he held his head just above the reeds as if watching closely the notes, the reed he is about to put a finger on. Its almost like he is in a trance. Anyway in the middle of the close ups of him on the piano I noticed he had 'maketradefair.com' written on the top of his hands!

I went to www.maketradefair.com today. And i saw them highlighting some issues of Bangladesh. The issues were garments industry. They talked about Bangladesh being left out a trade act that was aimed at helping the laborers from the third world countries. Thats all good. But with the revelation of this website, I am thinking whether any of these issues actually even cause an atom of concern in the minds of the local business people who run the show! I met a few of the latter and they are all well to do people. I do hope they are honestly concerned about the fate and future of their workers who are bringing in the money that allow them to be 'rich' in this LDC called Bangladesh. I think the workers should be provided health benefits (something that is widely missing), education, and child-care services in the least. Since most of the off-shore clients are pretty, developed countries I think they should also be able to chip in for the setup of funds for this.