Last night I sat down with the website i had made for the band I have been trying to put together! Hmmm.. life is so interesting! While wondering what color to use ... switching from black to white or brown, brown took the cup. Then me and my cousin Ishti had this brilliat idea to use a series of pics of my hand which we could use. Then we started snapping away with his nokia phone. Anyways the result of that night, which lasted till 3:00 am is here:

The reason that it took so long is partly due to the slow speed my laptop was running with. It kept 'hanging' and just slowing down and being a nuisance. Now i am wondering whether the ram i have now is enough to handle the multi-desktop functionality that my graphics card is offering. I don't think that handles well with photoshop and dreamweaver running along with winamp and whatnot.