Am listening to the music of Triloy, their debut album released on the 20th of January. I was at the place where the release had been mildly celebrated, by friends, family, those few reporters who like to keep their fingers on the pulse of the 'underground' music scene, and those who were passing by and music enthusiasts (where i come in). When i got there, there were people, the posters were hung up at places, but there were no copies of Triloy's Shunno! It arrived later and after i heard their first track, i just had to go and buy their album.. plus they were giving out their fairly impressive posters. ;) When the g-series guys started playing their cd, a few members of the band were in tears, hearing their own voice from their first released cd, and were giving each other hugs to celebrate their friendship/achievement... this is another thing that influenced me to buy the cd. Now that i finally got around to giving the cd a full spin... i really feel that this album was a labor of love. And it's fair to say that i am in love with track#2 of the album.