While coming to work today on a three wheeled baby taxi now called 'CNG' (I wonder now why we didn't call them 'Petrol' before), I was looking out to my left, watching the road pass by. Suddenly, i saw out of a white car a lil girl (10/11) who stuck out her middle fingers of both hands (the 'f u' sign!) and pointed to me! Her face showed signs of amusement and fear. I could tell by this that this was her idea of a prank. I guess the kids now have moved on from mukh bhengchani (making faces) and jibba dekhano (sticking the tongue out). The car had momentarily stopped in front of my cng for a while when i wondered whether i should walk upto that car and tell the people in the front seat what the naughty lil girl in tha back was upto. Then i thot its better to let her have her fun for now and people usually grow out of it. They do right?