taking advantage of the one day break tomorrow (Buddha-Purnima), me and Amit are going to trek across the hills of Uttora looking for vacant apartments that will allow the cursed of the menfolk - the bachelors! apparently these are the rowdy ones, and will always dirty the house and break the sinks! I am thinking of whethere or not to ask my old landlord to write me a letter of recommendation! He is very fond of us since we are mostly never in the house! So none of the fears that other landlords hold, were real for him. Plus none of us ever tried to sit on the sinks (I can't imagine how that ever happened to that poor lady who had this fear!).

This also got me thinking, that we (me and my family in Chittagong), we moved a lot of times while i was in school. Twice within Agrabad, and then to Shugondha and now to the other end of town in South Halishahar! Then I proved to be better at it.. when i left Chittagong ... first to Dhaka, then to Malaysia, and then within Malaysia, I stayed in four different houses in my four years there. This one-house-one-year policy seems to be what stayed as i look back at my stay here in Dhaka to this day! hmmmmm... true... Moghbazar - Mirpur -Uttora. Now I'll be changing houses again, but i dare not leave Uttora.. its the nicest place in Dhaka to me.