Some of us have volunteered to work as testers for one company here for testing touch table roulette games they have developed. Its pretty neat and right now there are some sleepless zombies stooped over it running on adrenaline. not quite.. the machine has shown some signs of let up recently and there are guys working on it now. It was running from saturday afternoon till this morning. And the objective is to keep it running for 48 hours straight. I slept some in the middle, after like round 4 which was probably at 4 am today, and woke up for round 10 around 9 am! There werer those there who had gone all the way without sleep. Some had real fun with it. For me it was fun too, but my sleeping habbits have recently not allowed me to do anything overnight so far. Lost those undergraduate habbits right after starting on the working life. Anyway, the machine is cool and soon to hit casinos in a lot of places.