so, we are in the middle of the winter now. From bangladesh to sweden.. the winter takes a different appearance... a different degree of cool. Before arriving here, most students i guess pack their bags with the heavy stuff... to survive the winter here. I did the same. But since coming here i have been hearing the same thing about the winter in Gothenburg. More Rain Less Snow. And so far, its been quite the 'universal truth'. We had one day of snow so far! well, that taking out of consideration the 'baby snow' (tiny white fluffy particles floated around one friday afternoon), and the wet icy snow (it was raining with little bits of ice also with it), and the ice downpour.

But frankly the one night of snowfall changed the view of the city I am used to! White white white.. all around, and with the help of the street lamps things just looked bright... and beautiful. here are some pics from that night... You'll notice that the pics from my phone are the shittier ones, compared to the ones from my friends' cameras!