I am happy to be back. We were in the Dålarna province from the 18th to the 21st. In a place called Fjällgården, we stayed in a house in the midst of snow snow and snow. White and green and brown and black of evergreens and dead trees were all there was against the wind blowing snow in every direction. There we had our 'Land Art' workshop. It was fun and painful while it lasted, I am glad to be back in Göteborg now!

A few photos from the trip is here.
(More photos will arrive later, and i hope to open a flickr site too)

Going thru e-mails after three days or so.. i had quite a lot to sort out (which also makes me happy in a sad kinda way...). There were many links to news items and articles besides the 'happy birthday' emails. One of them was about this study done by the London School of Economics on who is a happy nation and who is not! Apparently bangladesh is the happiest nation! hmmm... didn't see that coming... well actually.. i think i read this once before... de ja vu. well, no other link had any foggy stuff.. the rest were the painful, reality-checking kind.

The skirmish at Rajshahi University (which i also heard from Faisal bhai who is a lecturer there)
: news!