So, i have crossed realms and my dreams have gone international.

A few nights ago (or dawns ago, i hear thats the best time for dreams), i was playing bass for Joe Satriani! it was an awesome show, i kicked ass with my bass and i was wearing a trenchcoat (i think it was the same one Joe wore in one his old videos... probably 'big bad moon').

* For those who don't know Joe Satriani but know Metallica, he was the guy who Kirk Hammet used to learn guitar from.

For those who don't know Joe Satriani but know Steve Vai (the actor against the kid in the guitar duel in the movie Crossroads and and interim guitarist for Whitesnake), Joe taught Steve Vai too and they tour together as G3.

For those who don't know Joe... period, click - HERE.

And this morning i woke up with the recollection of a funny one. I was talking to a woman (who was clearly from the west and white) about 'Fuchka' (pr. FOOTCH-KA)! I don't just mean talking... normal talk.. its like i was a salesman and i was selling the idea of how awesomely tasty treat a 'fuchka' is... I was describing what it looks like and how to eat it.

I miss fuchka.