Kyrkan, is pronounced as "Sher Khan" .. no... kidding... like "Shirkan" rather, and is the swedish word for church. My landlord goes to a church called the Advent Church here in town, and they were starting a separate sermon in English, and thus, of course the turn up was expected to be lower than expected. Anyway, since today is the first day, my landlord asked me to come and play something, and i just for the experience of playing in a church said yes, but being the coward (teamplayer) that i am, i tugged Pongpan (a friend from Thailand who is a brilliant flute player) along. We met this morning, jammed on an idea we had... and it stretched to 10 minutes, mainly because of Pongpan's brilliance! Anyway, we liked what we heard and we were ready to go.

We arrived there late according to the time we had been given. As it turned out, people were late too... the sermon didn't start, the room to be used for the sermon didn't even get a row filled with people. Pongpan and I got a bit restless, so after they sang a few of their devotional songs, they asked us to play, we played complete with an introduction by me. And we played till the finish, and gave a smile to our mini audience of about 10 people. My landlord said thank you and that was pretty much the only sound before the subject of discussion was changed. They weren't impressed.
I used to think the 'Appluase' is a ceremonial thing, but i guess its not. Or maybe (hopefully) they have rules in their church against applauding.

As soon as we got out (pretty soon) I told Pongpan that maybe it wasn't their type of music. And later I was asking him in plain words whether we sucked. LOL. I smiled all the way back here.