I strolled into campus at sometime after 7 pm. Its Friday and I had no classes. Until Arif called me up to chat... and then I thought it was Saturday when talking about calling up the British Embassy to see if I might be able to travel to UK over the summer, and he made me realized it was in fact Thursday! damn! I missed a few classes today then. tanm to earth... tanm to earth...

Anyway, surfing through Amadergaan.com i am realizing what a good job the people over at there and Soundmachine and others with them are doing. Thanks to their perseverence, so many bands unknown/unheard of to so many people now have websites. And of course the people at the forum are providing feedback, reviewing their work... its working out well i think. Anyway, here are the links to some of the websites which are coming out:

http://www.stentorianbd.com/ (best you turn speakers a bit low for this one)

On a note unrelated, or maybe "related", my cousin faisal plays in Pentagon and he recently got engaged to Alif of the same band (she sings, he plays guitar... go figure), and are soon to wed in my absence. Congratulations to them.

Most of the websites have what it takes on the side of aesthetics, it reflects the band's mood most of the time. Contentwise they are all lacking, and it is kind of weird to see most websites having educational details of members, as we all know most bands break up due to members leaving the country for higher studies... ahem... and whats the point of mentioning that? I think the websites should focus on NOW and only on things related to the music and its art or influences. Books a member read and movies and favorite food kind of trivia is okay, i think that has some purpose to some fans. Another thing i like seeing in band websites is what the members are currently listening to, and hopefully pursuing those artists and musicians will broaden the scope for the listeners too. ramble ramble ramble.. blah blah blah.. over and out.