Having just driven between Uttara and Dhanmondi at night (the significance, being the night traffic was heavier than during the day), it was full of speeding, crazed, maniacal drivers, one in a rush of higher proportion than the next. They flicker their lights from the back, which in turn reflect inside my car, and also reflect back into my eyes, which I find highly irritating. However, that has become a code for most drivers in this city for "move out of my way". I, often, in an outraged state give them passage and once behind them try to take revenge by flickering my lights onto them. My car is a pretty old one (pre '90s model) and actually doesn't have lights as powerful as most cars out there (post 2000 models).

What is their rush? I often want to block there way, bring them to a halt, and ask them just that! Is there a heart attack patient you are trying to save? Or kill faster? A pregnant woman?

There is again an editorial in the paper titled "Fake Licenses". Having gone through the test and gotten a license, I don't see how having an authentic license really addresses this problem! I enrolled at a driving school for a 24 day program, and went for the first 5. I was really impressed with my instructor, who emphasized on the rules of the road - keeping to my side of the lane, not wavering onto the others, taking turns while maintaining my side, slowing down before taking turns, etc. One might read these and think - "Basics!". These basics are what is missing on the road these days. When I told a colleague about the instructions I got, he claimed that his instructor was not that expressive of the rules. The point of these courses mostly are to learn how to handle the machine. To know that a brake is a brake and the accelerator your pathway to beat everyone to the prize (whatever that is).

These crazy drivers are most lethal, when they are in control of a monstrous bus. Remember the police fixed the lanes for buses. What I saw come out of that most, is a chance to fine a lot of privately owned normal vehicles whereas the buses did what they always did. They pushed and shoved and went ahead of everyone. The worst case scenario of a traffic accident is death I suppose, and they stop short of that most of the time. And the driver's window is usually big enough for them to jump out and run away. I find most BRTC buses to be quite alright though, just the private buses who have bodies that show they don't care if they hit anyone, including other buses. Sometimes they jovially race down the roads and poke each other, unmindful of the world around them. The drivers can't even see the left side of his vehicle, and the assistant shouts out to him if theres a car or anything else. They have faulty lights and its upto one's imagination how they got the permit to be on the roads.
I am glad at least one picture of their glorious feats
reached us today through Prothom Alo.