Ok, the title is awkward, as are all my innards and all that makes up my cognitive system. Recent events had included a young boy from Bangladesh being beaten up at the hands of some young BSF guards (Indian Border Guards). A video was circulating around, thanks to NDTV, and is also available on YouTube. Now, I knew it was going to be something really bad, and just avoided it, not in the sense that I had a happier reality to live with, I could tell the reality is as ugly as it gets.

The outrage that it has created in me, my friends, my countrymen is due to the fact that no matter what the fault on the young kid's part, BSF's was an unlawful act. He was held up, legs tied, totally undressed, and beaten, and the video apparently has voices of the BSF guards contemplating on other methods of torture (on the version that runs for about 11 minutes). Sadly, for me, my friends and my countrymen, and most sadly, for the poor people like Habibur Rahman (the young guy violated in this case), our government thinks this is an "it happens" kind of normal thing that has happened, and WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN. !

We know from The Daily Star that even an editorial in an Indian paper called The Hindu called out to the Indian government for an apology. You can hear the grief and guilt in the voices of the reporters of NDTV. But neither governments, nor our opposition BMP who readily speaks ill of BAL, has failed to do or say anything regarding this! Shame, its a bloody shame to know your representatives are missing spines! Raise my tax if you will, if there is a surgery that can give you one, you imbeciles!

NHRC (India) notice to Union Home Secretary