I recently through the online social spheres came across a trailer for a movie titled "Runaway". As is custom here, we always have a bangla title, and an English title. The bangla title here is "Udhao", which better translates to "Vanish" or "Disappear". Its is also custom that the titles in the two languages don't exactly translate into each other. However, there was nothing customary about what the movie promises in its trailer. The story looks mighty interesting and the trailer was also well made.

(Details on Facebook.com/RunawayTheFilm)

I blogged earlier about the movie producer/actor Ononto (or Ananta) who has now produced three movies I can count (Khoj: The Search, Goti: The Speed, and Hridoy Bhanga Dheu: Heart Breaking Blow) was on a television show giving an interview. From that I have actually grown some respect for the guy. He is young, and apparently a successful businessman, and he talked about his business sense playing a role in his role as a producer and director. He explained why the lax and inefficient FDC was not the place for him, since he wanted an efficient and strict work-plan, team and environment for making his movies. He may not be well educated, that could be just how things had turned out for him, but his speech is very direct - stating matters very simply, and he made a lot of sense! These are often missing from people with a lot of education gleaming from their speech. The man in the centre with a gun below, is the man!

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