I had lunch outside today, with a sneaking suspicion that the food was stale.

While we collectively run Dhaka to the dogs with our reckless styles of living, the developers - people who find/take/make* land and construct (as much as rise they can get) apartments - seem to be offering us a way out with their products. They'll say, for clean air, live in Bodhua City, or for your children's future, come to Apartment Dreams, etc.

*make land by filling up spaces where there were ponds, streams or channels of water.

Being the lunatic I am, I get infuriated by these. Now I have to buy clean air, clean pavements and buy into areas where people park properly (or so I assume).

As can be seen in the picture above, they are promising Safety and Security. I suppose we won't have to fear muggers, killers and the occasional bump and quarrel with other vehicles on the road while we live there!

Modhumoti Model Town - the name itself suggests that its a 'model' town! Model of Safety and Security. Meanwhile, I live in one model town already, and its not really clear what kind of a model they had in mind with the cars running on any side of the lane they wish and the bad roads.

The Modhumoti Model Town project is from Metro Makers, who BELA (Bangladesh Environment Lawyers Association) sued recently. All developers are highly connected and you need a lot of luck to be able to sue them or have the police take any action against them. You also need to ensure you have protection from unknown assailants who are not tied to them. BELA is doing a courageous thing, and seems like the High Court has ruled against them!


Modhumoti town in Amin Bazar illegal: SC

Advocate Iqbal Kabir Litan, a lawyer of Bela, yesterday told The Daily Star that the SC upheld the HC verdict on the grounds that the project authorities had been filling up Aminbazar sub-flood-flow zone, violating the Environment Conservation Act, Town Improvement Act and Rajuk rules, and a number of people had invested a lot of money for purchasing plots of the project.
- Daily Star