I have heard it many times, why can't our parties practice democracy in their own administrations? Why do the parties keep hanging on to the same leadership of the two Queens? Haven't you?

The point we fail to grasp again and again, is that without them, the parties cannot picture themselves conducting the simplest of affairs without falling apart! There is a lack of respect among the members of each of our largest political parties. They literally begged these women to come and take the helm of their ships at a point when otherwise, infighting would've created so many holes that they wouldn't have enough hands or behinds to cover them and prevent sinking. After decades of having these women, who also uphold grande symbolism due to the family trees they bloomed out of, the rest of the party men and women still don't feel confident or adult enough to conduct their parties without these figureheads. They are so unused to thinking of the future that all their glories are rooted in the past, and you can see from the asinine comments they make in the media that they are much more conscious of what their leader will make of them than the voters and the taxpayers. Their faith is so deep, that they are also welcoming their Queens' fawns as their next leaders rather than have to deal with deciding on fresh leadership based on merit and experience. Dynasty, Dallas, what have you.

To make a long (horror) story short, our politicians are much like babies who need their mommies, and we're sort of behind a TV screen watching this badly written comedy (like Everybody Loves Raymond maybe) by producers who aren't worried about ratings at all, as long as their urges are met.

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I do not believe in Democracy