I have been thinking for quite a few thoughtwaves about the education we receive. Is it apt? Is it successful? Is it responsible for anything we do in life later? Does it contribute anything? Does it make us better people? Does it, or should it define us as a society?

And thus i am now on a quest (online) to look for material on the theories, methods and focuses of the educational systems of the world. I have a hunch we are missing a few elements. Also what we learn in school and what we are taught at home should also tally, in case some one tells us at home that do what you have to do in school to get the grades ... you dont have to follow it in real life. Should schools teach us to be responsible people? to be aware, socially, morally and ethically?

Too many questions for now. Everyone out there is free to email me or put in the comment box here (if you are a current blogger.com blogger) your thoughts, especially if you are from Bangladesh, I would like to know what your thoughts are about the pros and cons of our educational system? Email is at gmail.com, and the username is 'parthib'.