We have started our second Art Workshop, and its on Net Art. Alberto arranged a very fun and vibrant first day as always, beginning with an introduction to the world of net-art, many links and categorized to
Art On The net
Art Through The Net
Art Of The Net.

Now again we are being made to do something for ourselves in groups along these lines. Ivan, Valeria and I are a team this time and we played with the idea of Chain Stories in emails, kinda like Chain letters, along with a phony "..forward this to 10 people or you die" sort of ending (I am saying phony cause some of those actually work! :p). Then we decided to start a story on a blog site, and hand the username and password of the site in the site itself so that people can log in and write their portion of the story. The starting is totally different (a person waking up in a strange place after a possible accident at sea) to the title we gave it (And the music played on).
And so far there have been 3 continuations i think... pretty good. We have been trying to get the links circulated among friends and family so that people are gathered for collaboration.

So the link to that blog is this HISTORISKS
There you can read the story so far... :) and to contribute... Go to Blogcity
and login -
Username: historisks
Password: historias
(included on the main page of the blog, in the About Me section).

Go there and put your imagination and creativity to work, no rules, plus u can link images to use as illustrations. Just one warning, refresh the story first to see if someone already updated anything before you are posting.... Enjoy.