A few days ago, one of my colleagues saw 'The Da Vinci Code' with me and took it for a while to check it out. The next day he came to me to tell me that the book was on the news! Apparently it had stirred up quite a controversy somewhere. Later I think I read the part which might have caused a storm. This book talks to a large part about the establishment of the church, how a real story about Jesus was fabricated and sometimes hidden and about the 'Holy Grail' (remember Indiana Jones and the last crusade?).

Anyway, another large focus of the book is on symbology. That is interesting at times, and at times just seemed like a farce. I mean the number 5, pentacles, pentagrams, etc... were fascinating at times and at times to think people would go to such lengths to code info at places did seem kind of obsessive.

I still haven't finished reading the whole yet.