Greatest stage ever built for a concert in BD so far. Biggest crowd? ...umm not sure. Great festive surroundings with stalls for art (no comments on the actual art in there), fashion and music. Especially the Sound Machine stall where people were free to jam on a drumset, guitar and bass!taht was kewl... considering some guys went there and really jammed out some goooodies. BUT! The sound of the mainstage sucked! uff.. that just stumped out all the goods, and the highs of the day! until Strings came out (the 3rd last event) this was the case. Junoon and Strings by the way, were there! : ) and then got dropped off by a helicopter in the middle of the field at midday! that was kinda kewl... but again.. they got to see our bands perform with horrible sound! hmpf.

Spotlight: Ajom Khan.. if this man can't dance.. nobody can! ;)

Also, couldn't stay through the whole of Junoon's set.

Tat was the saddest! :(