My amp is really letting me down with its recent bout of cold. all its sneezing and coughing is really chokin the sound of my ibanez ax 125! what am i to do!

i just returned from chittagong a few days ago.. and now i feel like 4 days of holidays there was just not enough!!! i still wanna lay idle and sleep endless hours for a few more days.. BUT c'est la vie... and c'est very cruel. The last day of enrolment is 4th of April maybe i should get those french lessons. Or would german be more interesting? guten?

i finished The Da Vinci Code! round of applauses for me and flowers showering mysteriously from somewhere above. For this feat i feel ...the need to go back to NFS Underground 2 again as entertainment after work. TV is just soooo boring. It even has me thinking of getting internet hooked up at my apartment again! hmpf. more bills? is that what i need?

Fuad says he wants to buy a car! he doesn't care that he is months away from 'possibly' moving to Denmark! in case he does go.. this car wil mean extra costs, not to mention going back to being 'car'less! but he is afffixed... all he needs now (according to him) is the green signal from the authorities (parents).

Is my blog blog blog translating to 'blah blah blah'?