In the morning me and Rubaiyath went to look for apartments in the Baridhara DOHS area. While doing so we were thinking of how it would be to have a reality show about bachelors looking for flats to rent. Have a bunch of bachelors, and a married couple go through one area by one and recording what goes on.

In the afternoon, during jummah prayers the imam was talking about the virtues of honest labor/work/earning. How we should have intergrity in the way we earn our living. He also touched the topic of moderation in our quest for wealth. He urged people to try and avoid earning too much in excess of what is sufficient for living. I wondered then how much of this teaching is actually registering between the ears! Dhaka while being the city of mosques does not have much to show for the virtues of its citizens. Even my parents would probably be surprised if I were to say to them that I think I have the kind of pay that is enough for me to survive this life and save enough for retirement. The truth is that ambition and ideas of a 'fine' lifestyle has been sold to us. Competing in society with your next door neighbor is now a 'neccessity'. Then comes the way to justify high earnings by spending towards helping the needy, the orphans/orphanages, helping the society with the money earned. That should be an incentive to earn more rather than an urge to have the most expensive watch or car!

At night I attended the wedding reception of one of the guys I knew from Malaysia. Its amazing how Xindian gets business! While some chinese restaurants have trouble filling .. say 10 tables... these guys fill up 4 floors quite often! And thats not all! The owners of Xindian apparently have restaurants all over Dhaka! Anyway, I donno why since the food was nothing exceptional!!! The place is fine... decorations were also not that extraordinary. I, in fact, hate the dim lightings of chinese restaurants!