VOA radio is now playing on 97.6 FM every morning (from what i heard between 9 am and 12). Its pretty nice since i got a phone now with a radio. This helps out sometimes during those long bus rides from one place in Dhaka to another and beyond.

Rubaiyath and I are pretty concerned about the lives we are leading. We slave away in our offices through long hours and the whole thing is now somehow engrained to our selves. I know for certain that now even if I do get a chance to get out at 5 pm, I feel weird about it! I just don't want to go out there, like a vampire scared of daylight. But sometimes, in the morning, I do feel like skipping work. I know once I am in, I will be right at home, and maybe thats the whole point of not wanting to go.

Meanwhile Rubaiyath, Mosha and their venture called Muzaq is now handling a marketing campaign of Advanced Development Technologies. He showed me two of the 10 second videos they produced. The concepts were very good... Nothing less would be expected from these friends of mine... such talent and genuis! so proud of you guys. But I must admit when Mosha first told me his ideas, i visualized it a bit differently. The animations were done by a 2nd year student of IBA! They are out there hunting out all the talent they can do meet their ends.