Recently, I went to a discussion held by an organization named Liberated Youth. The discussion was on the present plight of youth, especially muslim youth. They made a claim in the beginning that the youth is the 'Critical Mass' of the population whereby they hold the power and intelligence to make wrongs right and bring about large changes socially, politically... etcetera ecetera.

When I told some of the guys about this discussion I have been to, and the fact that Liberated Youth happends to be a sub faction of another organization that is Islam conscious, many claimed that they often 'brainwash' people! I have only been to one of these discussions, which was followed by and Q & A afterwards, and from that experience I can say that they were pretty rational, keen on promoting youth to be rational, to do something once they have thought clearly of the action, its consequences and its implications!

This scare is pretty widespread these days. Anything related to religion is scary. The people who talk about religion is scary and the organizations that pursue this subject are almost always implicated as brainwashers.

What struck me as ironic is the fact that little discussion I went to that night, was accusing the general portion of the youth as being brainwashed (not is exactly these words) by the media. Especially the exported entertainment, the music, the movies and the portrayals they carry of the youth and what their lifestyles is like. I mean really, if you see the world over, the youth of asia now dress like the youth on MTV (including yours truly) or Friends. But this is also nothing new. My dad and his generation used to be into bell bottoms and Elvis. I see people discarding culture for trends. Maybe its inevitable, but do we really stop and think about it?

I did agree beforehand with the issues that were raised that day. I don't particularly think the way we dress and carry ourselves matter much. However, to see the majority of the youth unconcerned about the poverty, illiteracy and the regular chaos of the city does bother me! It is true, being hip, having a phat ride (a car with spoilers and custom exhaust pipes and what else have you ...U know what you see in NFS),  and whatnot...the 'bling bling' it has come to Dhaka, where exists palace like apartments surrounded by slums! Where are our heads these days!???