I donno why i like the name 'Count Olaf' so much! So much that i logged onto msn with that name!
:) And i forgot to clear the 'Still Got the Blues' tag from the personal message section of the messenger. Imran wasted no time in pointing out that count olaf would probably never be 'blue', that it was a contradiction i had up there. I tried to convince him that Count Olaf despite his wicked ways was a person, with a heart and all... deep inside craves to be loved.... crap!
Amit recognized me instantly ... like it was just like me to have some weird name for my msn title... he didnt even know who Count Olaf was! I tried explaining it to him...
"Count Olaf is a splendid man, a master of disguise ...rotten to the core.... knows what he wants and is ruthless in his efforts to get it, gives no way to compassion and other bullshit like that... we should all be so like him..."

A Series of Unfortunate Events
...and more
...and even more!

Among other things, i was advising sajid to not go for his MBA straight away! So many people do that and end up just working with colleagues who just have a bachelors degree! Without work experience what good is a masters degree!? I suggested www.jobsa1.com to him, and in doing so decided to have a look into it myself. I was surprised to see 'least' spelled as 'list' at many places. Wonder whether it was jobsa1 or the company that is 'leasted' who should be blamed!

Right now i am fascinated with the websites that was made for that movie!!! wow!