'Disgusted' is probably the word to describe how i'd rate my mood today. The day has been full of powercuts today, and thus going on and off work, or adda (chatting, tradiotionally person to person by mouth, not using computers or 'Instant Messengers'). In the end i could not stand either. I found some solace in the music i brought with me... listening to Collective Soul's The World I Know now. Blasted Agontuk-3 a while back. Thank you Sumon Bhai for the kickass song there, and Shishir for being such a brilliant guitarist! Talent personified!

Since the awful back pain has subsided, I am wondering whether to take the X-rays to the doctor... I hate that race of people.. mostly anyway. Since I might join my newly wed 'daktar' (~ doctor) cousin and his wife for dinner.... maybe I can pull out the massive x-ray at the dinner table and have him give me an analysis. What should i do till dinner tho anyway? Will Collective Soul be able to keep me calm till then? Home seems very far away, but there I could shut off the world behind closed eyelids in sleep. How enticing!

I do hope this days ends well.