That would be the name of our lil group. the merry men of rock... who gather every saturday in a corner of Dilu Road for four hours of jamming. I started playing a lil two chord riff that Raziq liked a lot. I told him this won't make a good song... its too 'cheap' ... its 'cheap thrill' these kind of things. He started laughing at the idea of it... and i kept thinking that would be a nice name for this group... CHEAP THRILL. Then we won't have to try too hard and come up with all the cheap thrills our instruments will allow us to muster.

Last night we went jamming again. As so happened Raziq has written a whole lyric for the cheap piece and it includes the phrase 'shosta shiharoney' at one point! Anyways, i told the guys we should really prepare 'Cheap Thrill' and 'Ei Prothom' such that we can record them in a short time before we started our thing. And it just so happened that we screwed up the most that night. It started picking up later tho. My brother and sister also came by later to watch. Cheap Thrill took a pretty good form by the end of our two hour session. We were one hour late and we got out one hour early.. that is how dedicated we are!

Anyway, as of now... i am sitting in my office with a back ache ... feel like a horse stamped on my back for a while and left it in million pieces! I discovered the ache last night when I got home... I couldn't even lay on my back! And since morning every gulp of water is creating an ache on the top right of my back. ouch. its too much. Wait till i cough or sneeze... uff, that hurts the most!

Update from 5/6 years later: The band is called Rhee, and the song Cheap Thrill was released in a compilation titled Rock 505, which came out together with Rock 404. Between the two CDs there were lots of new bands releasing their first or second single, as well as the older bands like Black, Arbovirus, Cryptic Fate and X-Factor.