Today we had to do an exercise in the little 3-member groups we have been given for the Introductory Art and Technology Project course. We all had a box with a hole through which the lecturer Martin would put an object inside. One of the group members would have to put a hand through the hole to feel the object and describe it to the other members who would then use that description to mold it out of clay. This little exercise was done to demonstrate how language is often misconstrued by others. Listening and talking is not always sufficient to convey what we really mean. Usually we don't listen well enough.

The pics above are not from the exercise tho.. its what i did in between exercises! Among the objects, we had a 6-inch high wooden hook, an old electrical switch, and a wooden handle probably, we are not quite sure still what it was! In almost all cases, the size of the clay production was oversized and grossly magnified, but the resemblances were clear. I don't know what exactly that tells about our group though. Maybe we trust each other too much... we are all gullible people!? :)