These are the first tests on our boat...

This is the last and final test... the only time it worked! :)

Our class was taken away to an island named Branno (there should be 2 dots on the 'a' and the 'o') for two days. The first day i missed the boat and decided not to go. Second day i got up early in the morning and got to the island and also to the place where we were staying on the island using directions from Palle over the phone!

What do i see when i get there!? People busy building boats! We were on the island to do exercises. The whole point of the trip was to bring the people in the class closer together, kind of like an oversized ice-breaker. It worked tho... but i still find it difficult to remember all the names!

Anyway, we did build a boat. The boat was supposed to go at 90 degrees to the direction of the wind. It worked well in the final test... but of course it just went straight and fast with the wind on the judgement hour!

Some sights from the island -

These are the other more pleasant boats -